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#21 Posted : 13 September 2015 21:22:19(UTC)
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Evangelion - Movie Premiere : RED CARPET

The movie premiere of 'Evangelion' happened and you know what that means! RED CARPET PICTURES! Some of you may know how obsessed I am with fashion so I just thought : Why not do a best & worst dressed list!? Everyone has a different taste in Fashion, so it may happen that I like something which you dislike or the other around. But don't forget to have fun - because I am doing this for fun. So here we go!

Best Dressed

TJ - I loved his simple outfit! Some of you may disagree with me but let's be honest - his outfit was the most 'fitted' one because at the end of the day : these celebrities are there to watch a movie! So I really thought that it looked cool and simple yet perfect to watch a movie!

Chloe - Her dress was just perfection. She was such a eye-catcher, you simply couldn't ignore her! Her shoes, her red dress & her make-up - everything was flawless for me! Good job, Chloe! I bet you woke up like this! FLAWLESS!

Synco - The girls from Synco never disappoint! Their unique outfits always stand-out and this time the color was stuck in everyones eyes. The neon color was screaming for attention and I really liked it.

Joshua Grimmie - I loved his simple yet teeny look! Is that even a word? Whatever! He looked good and probably had many girls dreaming for the rest of the night.

Weekend - or to be exact, just
Oscar, Billy & Scott! Riley and Dustyn didn't attend the red carpet but they were there too. You probably ask why, well just check twitter! But, Oscar, Billy and Scott looked amazing at the red carpet! Expecially Billy was a standout for me - I loved the fact that he was in a happy mood and I bet he also had a fun night after the movie! (If you know what I mean lol)

Lincoln Keaton - A pretty new face at the red carpets! He wore quite a different style compared to the other people at the red carpet and it could go easily wrong but it didn't! I really loved his fashion 'move' - it was different and fresh. If he's gonna put out fashion choices like this, I can't wait for the future!

Michelle - She looked amazing! I love the classy and elegant dress! I wasn't or still am not a fan of her hair though. Her pink purse was kinda not needed but I loved her shoes! To be honest, I wasn't sure if I was gonna put her on the best dressed or worst dressed list but I kinda like her dress very much. (I wish I had it)

Mariko - I loved her dress!!!!! The Black and White ombré think looked amazing! I mean - who else except Mariko would wear a dress like this? When I saw her, I literally jumped! She gave me the 80s feels and I really like her shoes.

Cosma Mendoza - I loved this look! I actually have the same dress but I don't look this cute at all! I love how she combined this black dress with her colorful Shoes & Necklace. It was overall a really good and beautiful look! I also noticed that she's always wearing really high heels and I noticed later on how short she actually is! She's super short! But really cute though.

Chaelin - I hope I wrote her name right! She had by far my favourite look of the night! It was simple yet very unique and I don't know but I really enjoyed her look! The leather pants combined with the leather jacked and her t-shirt looked really good! Her sunglasses were not really needed but gave the look some edge! And her shoes...oh wow! I need and want them soo bad! Her cute little bag was a really good twist to the very dark look! I love it, girl!

Aaron Styles - the star of the night! He was looking really good, and I love d his yeezy's and the combination of it with his t-shirt and his black jeans! His blazer gave everything a little formal look and his slim gold necklace really got my attention! Overall, a really good look!

Worst Dressed

Christina Lake - I don't like this outfit combined at all. I mean, I love the dress, the shoes etc. But I don't know why but they kinda don't suit each other. I just don't like the overall look.

Austin Nimmo - As much as I love the casual and simple look - type of think ; I don't like this one at all. This is screaming "BEACH" to me and not movie or red carpet. It's a okay look but it's not for the right event.

Marianna Banter - Girl... This outfit is overall a mess. I don't know what you thought but I don't like it at all. Not even a bit. Try harder next time, you are gonna get it right sooner or later!

Christopher Hudson - I don't know why but I don't like his suit. It looks more like something for a wedding? I don't know. I'm just not feeling it.

- I am shocked. I expected everything but not this. I mean, Andrea is known for being shocking lately but she took this way too far! I am happy that she's happy but I don't like this outfit, or whatever you wanna call it, good at all.

Erica - Cute and all but I'm just not feeling it. Her make-up game is strong though!

Aliya Rose - Beautiful smile, beautiful make-up but her outfit just looks like a mess. Her mini-skirt looks cheap as hell (I'm not against cheap clothes but this one just looks trashy) and her t-shirt looks not very good combined with the skirt. Her shoes are good looking though.

Sena - Actually a beautiful dress which is showing off her good looking curves but I'm just not getting warm with it. It'a probably because of the shy smile she had, I just felt like she was feeling very uncomfortable and that made the outfit look or to be exact feel worse than it actually is.

Adam Black - this outfit makes me think about Christophers outfit. Again, I just don't like the way the suit looks. But, that's about it.

Amy-Jayne - actually a cute look with the two-piece but the shoes literally destroyed the whole look for me. Without these shoes, I would add this one to the best dressed list.

Serenity - I'm actually a huge fan of serenity but this look is just a fail. I feel like she tried something new with this one but it just doesn't look very appealing to me. I love the colorful serenity much more, so I hope we get the colorful serenity next time!

That's it! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, and don't forget to tell me who your best dressed celebrity was!

OOC: I hope nobody felt attacked or something lol. I just felt like doing this and yeah. Done.

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#22 Posted : 13 April 2016 04:53:09(UTC)
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"I'm Still Alive!"

Outtakes of a upcoming magazine cover

Yes, I still exist! It's been 7 months since I updated anything on this website, because I was so busy with the talk show and the relationship thing which is going on right now. I'm just gonna share with you guys, what I've been dealing with lately! So, you may have noticed already that I'm in a relationship. It's the first time in my whole life that I have one and I was so focused on it, that I competly forgot that I have a life outside the box too. I gave him alot of my 'firsts' and I believe that he is the right one. I don't know how it's going to turn out in the end but I know that it feels right. It feels right for me, in this moment. My family thinks that I'm dumb for the choices I made. They said that it's too early. I acted too fast. You know what? Maybe. Maybe they are right but how long can I wait? I'm going towards my 30s, and before I met HIM, I had never kissed somebody. I never cuddled with another men. I never felt the intimacy I have right now with him. Am I wrong for wanting to be loved? Am I wrong for believing that he's the right one? Am I wrong for not waiting? Didn't I wait long enough? I don't know anymore. I feel confused, even hurt. There people in my family who didn't wanted me to go chase my dreams, and I'm not going to lie, I thought about not doing it. I actually thought about staying back home with my parents. But I didn't and I don't regret it. I ended up having a show, you guys and a boyfriend. I can't even ask for more, I feel blessed enough. I'm really getting emotional right now, so I will stop here. Just don't forget guys, don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it! YOU CAN. There is nothing in this world, which is impossible. You just need to try harder and harder, until you get what you want. Even if nobody in this world believes that you can achieve your goals, you need to believe in yourself. You need to believe that it's possible. Why? Because, I believe in you.

xx Ezra
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#23 Posted : 13 April 2016 05:08:58(UTC)
erich hess
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Erica: Ezra ,you must have like forty cats and a compulsive knitting problem. You're just now getting around to getting frisky? You've waited long enough. Get it,girl. And get it often. In fact,quit writing and start fucking.

Nina: get out there and spread those wings,love. Parents are well and good,but you can't stay there forever.

Erica: unless your boyfriend is into kinky stuff like that.

Nina: not everything is about sex,Erica.

"I'm not saying its even a good thing to own a chimpanzee. But that's freedom, folks." Alex Jones.
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Welat65 on 13/04/2016(UTC)
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