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#1 Posted : 27 December 2016 19:37:07(UTC)
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Names: Derek Ruiz, Luis Alvarez, Diego Bello, Evan Cabrera, Carlos Portillo
Genre(s)L Pop, R&B, Latin Pop
Years Active 2016 - Present
Label: Five Pesky Kids
Instagram: PRÓXIMO_Music
Twitter: PRÓXIMO
Short Bio:

PRÓXIMO ("next" in Spanish) is an all Latino boy band created by American/British girl group SYNCO using the platform "The Big Search" which they too were formed on the group consists of members Derek Ruiz (19), Carlos Portillo (18), Diego Bello (19), Luis Alvarez (20), and Evan Cabrera (18) the PRÓXIMO was formed on January 1st of 2016 after going through a number of different auditions battling with and against thousands of other boys who also auditioned after weeks of auditions and reforming these five were chosen to be put into the group as they seemed to have the looks, charisma, talent and most importantly connection the girls were looking for Alex Grey was quoted saying "we all came to an agreement that these five boys worked the best together they had this spark when they performed it was something that just felt so right something that some groups have to work at for years they seemed to be best friends already and their harmonies were just incredible" after the competition the boys were immediately signed to boy band Weekend's record label Five Pesky Kids and have been in the studio working on their music since being put together the group are set to make their debut in January of 2017 after nearly a year of recording


Age: 19
Instruments: Vocals, guitar
Favorite 3 Artists/Bands: Prince Royce, Maluma, Nicky Jam
Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Instagram: DerekR18
Twitter: DerekR18
Short Bio Derek Angel Ruiz age 19 born June 15th, 1997 to Puerto Rican father Neron Ruiz and Mexican mother Maria Ruiz Derek was born in Puerto Rico where his parents had originally met before moving to Chihuahua, Mexico at the age of 2 where they'd raise Derek up until he was 17 before once again relocating this time to the United States after receiving their green cards Derek is best described as out going when speaking in his native tongue Spanish however he is a bit more on the shy side when speaking in English as he is still not confident with his limited education on the language however the boys (mainly Diego and Luis) have been working on teaching him English and while he's still not the completely fluent in the language he can get by in a conversation Derek had developed a passion for music at the age of 12 when he had picked up his first guitar which was mostly self taught but his father would also take time out to help him really perfect his craft Derek didn't develop a love for singing however until later on in life at the age of 16 drawing inspiration from other Latino artists and covering some of his favorites songs Derek auditioned for SYNCO: The Big Search with very limited vocal training his voice is lighter in tone and has a unique factor to it he made it through the singing rounds easily what was more of a challenge for him were the interview rounds where he had to show is personality he passed the Spanish interviews with ease coming off as charming and social the English interviews were a bit more of a challenge and almost caused him to be eliminated all together coming off as slightly more awkward and quiet during these ones he made up for it in the dancing department though as he seems to have a natural rhythm despite having no training in this area Derek was the third boy put into the group and is seen as the cute and charming one

Age: 18
Instruments: Vocals, piano
Favorite 3 Artists/Bands: Kato, Michael Jackson, Mandy Williams
Favorite TV Show: The Flash
Favorite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Instagram: CPortillo
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Short Bio Carlos Victor Portillo age 18 was born September 9th, 1998 to Leonardo and Daniela Portillo Carlos was born in Orlando Florida and has lived there all his life and is fluent in both English and Spanish picking up English from his peers and Spanish from his Ecuadorian parents Carlos is known to be a bit of a geek his passions include sci fi, video games, comic books and of course music which he had developed a passion for at the age of 9 being brought up listening to whatever was popular on the radio he picked up piano at the age of 12 learning to play classical music he then moved on to modern music and began writing his own songs he had also begun singing lessons at the age of 13 and has been working on perfecting his talents since then he heard about auditions for a new all Latino boy band through Facebook and knew he had to sign up so he did the first few rounds were hard on Carlos as he lacked in many departments vocally however he did have a sort of charisma while performing which interested the girls his interviews were easy he came off as geeky and adorable in both Spanish and English interviews the hard part for him was his dancing which he had never been taught however he showed how hard of a worker he was ashe'd be in the dance studio day and night trying to get every move right and memorized perfectly he was the last put into the group and was almost eliminated a number of times however it was his passion for music and hard work ethic that really pulled through and got him placed in the group Carlos is known as the the cute geeky one in the group

Age: 19
Instruments: Vocals, piano, guitar
Favorite 3 Artists/Bands: Riot! in the Boulevard, Deneil, Michael Jackson
Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games
Instagram: DiBello
Twitter: DiBello
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Short Bio Diego José Bello age 19 was born July 26th, 1997 to José and Teresa Bello he was born in Tabasco, Mexico where he lived up until the age of 12 when his family relocated to the United States after receiving their green cards they had moved to Houston, Texas moving had been rough as the outgoing Diego couldn't really communicate as well as his classmates which resulted in some bullying this didn't stop him though as he was dead set on making new friends he had picked up the language and begun speaking it fluently throughout the years to the point where one wouldn't even know English is a second language to him Diego developed a love and appreciation for music and dance at the age of 10 starting up classes in piano, guitar, dance and vocal training which continued even after the move to Houston Diego began writing lyrics at the age of 12 his main topic was about moving and letting go of friends going into the auditions Diego was a favorite with his strong, clear and well groomed vocals helping him fly by the vocal auditions, breezing through the interviews coming of as charming, outgoing and cool, and being topping the list throughout the dance rounds as he show cased many different styles Diego was an obvious choice for the group since the beginning and it was no shocker when he became the first official member of the group his fun loving personality really grew on the judges and all of the boys sparking up new friendships with each of them and even some who didn't make it in the group Diego is seen as the outgoing leader

Age: 20
Instruments: Vocals, piano
Favorite 3 Artists/Bands: Joshua Grimmie, Alec Cole, Deneil
Favorite TV Show: Orange is the New Black
Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Instagram: AlvarezLuis
Twitter: LuisA20
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Short Bio Luis Miguel Alvarez age 20 was born July 28th, 1996 to Joel and Nicole Alvarez he was born in Miami, Florida and grew up learning both English and Spanish since the age of 8 Luis had developed a strong love for sports and music however sports has always been his #1 passion he had been training to make it as a professional Fútbol(soccer) player but his career was put to halt due to a major injury during a school game without being able to play again instead of shutting everybody out and slipping into a depression which he almost did Luis turned to his second passion music he began writing at the age of 15 around the time he had gotten the injury he also began playing piano and singing at this age upon hearing about the auditions for the group Luis went into it with a "why not" attitude and gave it a try after getting through the first round of performing he began to get more serious about the competition he got through the vocal half of the competition with a strong showing his vocals weren't stand out nor were they at all weak in his performances but he definitely brought an energy which really gave him an edge, during the interviews Luis really shined showing his funny side here more coming off as hilarious and charming dancing was a bit of a struggle due to his previous leg injury but he did manage to pull through and was the second official member announced for the group which once again wasn't a shock as he like Diego was one of the favorites early one especially in the interview rounds where he really got his chance to shine in the group Diego is seen as the funny one and the"bro"

Age: 18
Instruments: Vocals, piano
Favorite 3 Artists/Bands: Rum & Coke, Miguel, Aubrey Mikkel
Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad
Favorite Movie: Goldfinger
Instagram: Evan_Cabrera
Twitter: Evan_Cabrera
Hometown: San Jose, California
Short Bio: Evan Michael Cabrera age 18 was born February 22nd, 1998 to Alejándro and Sierra Cabrera he was born in San Jose California Evan grew up with three older brothers who had definitely toughened him up he learned English and Spanish and can speak both fluently before the group Evan had quite the history constantly getting into fights at school, at home and anywhere else he could find one he is known to be a bit of a hot head but has calmed down since with the introduction to art and music at the age of 16 he began painting, singing and writing lyrics he used it as a way to get his emotions out creatively rather than physically advice given to him by the schools guidance counselor Evan auditioned for the group with no previous experience other than what he had at home in the performances he shined he delivering passionate vocals when needed and fun vocals when needed his voice was described as similar to Diego's being powerful and having a similar tone however there was a sort of untamed charm to his voice and a sort of rasp that brought it over the top during these rounds he was a fan favorite up there with the likes of Luis and Diego however it was during the interviews that he had lost some steam as he spoke without filter he would swear and speak about controversial matters without thinking of the consequences he did manage to make it through these rounds but only because of how well he had delivered in the previous one by the time the dance auditions came around he was hit or miss delivering strong performances in some rounds and decent performances in others Evan was the fourth official member which came as a shock to some after the interview rounds it seemed like he'd be eliminated for sure however the girls seen some sort of fire that he brought and decided with proper training he could be an amazing addition Evan is outspoken and isn't afraid to call out anything he sees unfair despite that though he's usually rather quiet and artistic which gives him the appearance of the bad boy/mysterious one in the group








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