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#21 Posted : 05 January 2017 03:56:50(UTC)
erich hess
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" I didn't like it,Gretchen. The material was far too.... Grabby." I tell her while shaking my head back and forth. This was our usual post frisky time brainstorming session. Not that we do this Everytime. But whenever she brings home a new product she and karoliena are working on,well we have to test it. yes...Every product. Well,at least the products we have the parts to use. I have no idea where they test summers time black and blues male products. Anyway,the object in question was realistic,yet blue didlo. It was pretty neat in that it was warm and just the right amount of spongy.

Gretchen scribbles down something in her notepad. She was funny in the way she she insisted on paper and pencil to work with. She found a tablet too cold for such intimate work. She makes a thoughtful sound and picks up the dildo. She strokes it a few times and scribbles some more. " Material or texture?" She asks me without looking up.

It's a question I really had to think about. So I take the blue wonder from Gretchen's hands. It felt slippery enough dry. But it sure didn't feel like that earlier. " Lube." I ask Gretchen,holding the thing out at her.

She covers the toy in slippery goo and snaps the cap back on the bottle. " OK. Hitomi. Ill Assume the guinea pig position. We here at the summers time black and blues testing grounds leave no stone unturned." She giggles and lifts her robe. Testing was a hard job,but someone had to do it. As a rule: gretchie and i tested the more normal things,with Cassie and karoliena putting the harder core stuff through its paces. But occasionally we tested the bondage stuff. Nothing too crazy. But very close to the edge of my comfort zone. But....I kinda like when Gretchen is rough with me. A lot.

Moving my hand to get a better grip,I feel the problem. It almost feels sticky. But not in the good way. " It feels weird after lube. " I say in disgust. It amazing how different something feels when it's in your hand and not in...umm nevermind. "Feel it,it's like...Melting or something." I tell her,holding it out with two fingers. It feels so gross. Really firm snot comes to mind.

Gretchen takes it,also with two fingers, and inspects the device. She presses the surface down with her fingers and shakes her head. " I don't know if the rubber is water soluble or if the surface is acting like tiny suction cups. " Gretchen muses. You haven't lived until you've seen someone closely inspect a dildo which seems to be sticking to their hand. Gretchen occasionally lifts her fingers from its surface and rubs them together.

The door bell rings and I hop up to my feet. " I'll get it!" I pipe up. I love checking the door. It's always a surprise to see who came to visit us. Of course,it's either going to be mariko,Nina, Erich, or maybe Jayne. Nobody else knows my gate code to even be able to ring my doorbell.

" You feel fine though,right? Its not irritating your skin?" Gretchen calls as I walk away. This question rather alarms me. But my kitty is feeling fine. So I don't think whatever the issue is is harmful. I skip through the house. Which is kinda messy. But in a comfortable way. Not an expert episode of "hoarders" way.

"You'll have to check later. That thing is pretty long,so you'll really have to get on there and feel around ." I say coyly towards Gretchen. I'd like to send whomever this was at the door away. There is fucking to do. But I don't want to to be rude either. I open the door to see mariko grinning at me.

" Sounds like I'm interrupting something." Mariko observes,slipping her shoes off and coming inside. As a rule,mariko is polite to a fault. But seeing as it's my house? She walks right in. My sister is looking happier and healthier than I've seen in ages. So it puts a big smile on my face. One of those smiles you can physically feel looks stupid,but you can't help doing it.

Mariko hugs me tightly,which I return enthusiastically. It's always great to see mariko. Though I'd kinda like to put the visit off for awhile, but I don't see that happening. " Oh you are interrupting. Of course,you could join if you want. I mean,it's not weird if I don't touch you, right?" I giggled squeezing Mariko tightly.

Mariko gives a dirty little giggle in response." I guess it wouldn't. But I'm not wearing my matching bra and panties set. I don't want a half assed fhreesome. So maybe next time." She says with a smile.

I pour mariko a drink of whisky on our way to the room Gretchen and I were in. Mariko takes her whiskey in a glass with two ice cubes. Just in case she visits you. Now you'll know. We come to the room Gretchen and I were in...Or are in,now. Weird how that works. Anyways, Gretchen is still In the same position I left her in: laying on the bed with the temple open for followers to visit. Gretchen shrieks," Hitomi! You could have told me you were bringing mariko back here!!!" Gretchen jumps up off the bed and throws the dildo at me.

She really chucks this thing. But....Her aim is terrible. It strikes the wall about 4 feet away,bounces off and lands on mariko's head! But when it lands....It doesn't roll off. The stickiness has become one with mariko's hair. Gretchen looks utterly appalled. Mariko starts screeching and running around the room. She alternates between trying to pull it out of her hair and trying not to touch the dildo.
" What the fuck?! Why is is so god damned sticky??" Mariko demands. All her running around and feeble attempts to free herself has caused the hair to now wrap completely around the sticky dicky. Me? I'm dying of laughter at this scene. Like full on ,rolling on the floor,hyperventilating ,type of laughter. My sides and face hurt because I'm laughing so much. " Hitomi...This thing is going up your ass as soon as possible. I don't give a fuck if it's still stuck to my head!" Mariko threatens. Which would make for hilarious revenge if possible. At this point,the dildo is entirely enveloped by her hair.

Gretchen,always the voice of reason, quietly suggests: "remember your breathing, mariko.
" Part of the Gretchen method of getting mariko and I at peace was a strict meditation regimen. Usually,Gretchen's voice is calming....But not this time.

Mariko stops running around and looks at Gretchen like she has lobsters crawling out of her ears. "Gretchen...I seriously doubt the Buddha sat under that fucking tree to achieve enlightenment with a rubber dick in his hair!" Mariko calmly states,raising the intensity at the moment end of the sentence.

Gretchen starts to giggle,but tries to continue being sympathetic to Marino's plight. "Well... Yeah. But if you remain calm-"

"Calm... Have you ever been calm with a dick stuck in your hair?!" Mariko interrupts Gretchen. Gretchen finally lets out the guffaw she's been holding in since this started. And God is it a loud cackle. Anyone with in hearing distance would think we are baked off our asses the way we are laughing. Poor mariko is still trying to not touch the thing,but still free it from her hair.

I finally regain some sense of normalcy. My sides are still hurting,but I manage to squeak out " Gretchen is surprisingly calm with a dick on her head. Even if it's sticky." Gretchen instantly smacks my ass with a paddle we have laying around. It hurts like hell ,so I howl in pain.

Gretchen glares at me and gives me a "shhhh". I don't know if she realizes that mariko already knows about the sayyid thing. She figured it out on her own. Mariko is clever that way....Or I may have told her. What? She's my sister. We have no secrets from each other.

Mariko sits on the edge of the bed and looks like she is resolving herself to live the rest of her days with this thing in her hair. " Listen,I don't care how many facials you two have had, I just want this thing off my head." Mariko says defeated. " I'll judge you when I don't have a pound of rubber on my head."

Gretchen and I sit on either side of mariko. She on the left,me on the right. " It was just once" Gretchen says in am almost inaudible voice. She inspects mariko's ailment closely. O can tell she feels really bad and really responsible for all of this.i reach around mariko and squeeze her hand. She gives a slight squeeze back." Maybe we should take you to the hospital." She finally suggests.

" The fuck we are!" Mariko laughs,finally seeing the humor in the situation. " Three girls go to the doctor. One has a purple dildo stuck in her hair...Yeah,that won't make its way onto the internet.

"It's blue." Gretchen corrects Marino in the same tone one would use at a funeral.

"Great. Now I'm going color blind because of this thing." Mariko wails

"Maybe if we put peanut butter on it. Doesn't that work for bubble gum?" I suggest,remembering hearing my grandma say something about it once. If old people say it,it has to be true.

Mariko shakes her head...Which only sticks more hair to the dildo. " No! Because if we do end up going to the hospital. A dildo covered in peanut butter looks even worse! I'm not being on one of those weird TV shows!"

I playfully push mariko's arm. " Come on. You know that'd be the clincher for getting a second date." I tease my sister. I've been waiting for the right moment to mention her latest dating adventure. Cara Zayn is fucking adorable. So I hope mariko can pull this off....Both the dildo and dating Cara on a regular basis.

Hearing this,Gretchen pops her head up from thought. " Dating? Mariko is dating?! Oooh tell me tell me tell me! Wait..Let met guess. It's...That synco girl? That one that was also on Hitomi's season of big brother?" Gretchen asks excitedly. Seriously,it seems like the high point of her day. Which given a product she made may be permanently attached to my sister...It's saying a lot.

It takes me a little while to realize who she is taking about. Alex. Alex from synco was on big brother with me. Weird. I'd forgotten all about her. I seem to remember she dated that one guy Nicole and I took turns using. I'm guessing nothing came of it...or he died. I haven't heard much about Andros since that show.

Mariko shakes her head
" Synco? No. I went on a date with Cara Zayn." When mariko says her name,she blushes. Which is adorable. That's how you know if mariko really likes you. The real mariko,the one few people ever get to kmow. She totally blushes if she does. " It was a single date. I don't even know if we will meet again. Hitomi is making a big deal over nothing." Mariko says,clearly hoping to deflect the attention from her.

But seeing the blushing only fuels Gretchen. " Oh my god. She is blushing! How fucking cute!" Gretchen squeals. I think you have to be Caucasian and blonde to reach the registers she does. This doesn't do mariko any favors,who only blushes more and tries the hide her face.

" Shut up!" Marikos muffled voice says from between her fingers. " I'm not being cute." She protests.

The whole time I've been fussing with the hair and trying to dislodge the toy.it isn't working. But I've noticed that as the lube dries,the stickiness releases the hair. " Mariko! All we have to do is wait. The lube is drying and it's not so sticky." I cry out like I just discovered the cure for cancer. Already a few strands of hair are falling back into place.

Mariko winces and asks," lube... Lube?! This thing was used recently?! Oh my god...Get it off!" Mariko tenses up as if she can feel germs crawling over her.

" Oh it's clean. But we were planning on going another round with it. Research." Gretchen grins. Clearly starting to enjoy mariko's discomfort a little.

"Ew ew ew." Mariko says with a grimace. " I don't want to picture my sister naked and getting fucked." Mariko shuts her eyes tightly to keep the offending images out.

Gretchen replies in an overly lustful voice. " Well,it was my turn to bottom.so....." She just trails off with a shrug. " Technically,I should be mad at you. But I'm a nice person ,so I'm not.".

Mariko ponders the difference the information Gretchen gave her makes. She seems slightly more comfortable knowing that the toy was slated for Gretchen. " Whatever. How long is this going to take?" Mariko asks as if she has something else to do. We all know she doesn't.

Gretchen frowns in thought and touches the dildo gingerly. " It's still pretty wet. A good couple of hours of so. It's water based,so it will dry. It just takes time.

Mariko,to her credit, takes the estimate in stride. She gets comfy on the bed. She uses the pillows to make herself a little throne. A queen with a crown of rubber. " Hitomi. You get your ass to KFC and get me a three piece. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Hop to it." She orders. Out of guilt and slight fear,I leave for KFC. Mariko may be nicer now....But she can bring out that edge quick. She doesn't play when it comes to fried chicken.

OOC: all over the place in terms of quality. But I was bored.


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God damn I forget how exhausting performing is. Bowing,I can feel the house lights' heat on my back. This does nothing for patch of sweat I can feel on my back. Or for the dripping sweat off the tip of my nose.i stare at the wooden floor for a few seconds and soak in the applause. The floor is painted black,but years of shows have worn the paint away. Now it looks all speckled from the wood showing through. When the house lights shut off,it's instantly about 40 degrees cooler. " Goodnight! Up next.... mariko!" I say into the mic as strongly as I can. I can't let people know how exhausted I am.

Nina and I help Chloe out from behind her drums. This venue is very large,but the stage is TINY! Poor Chloe was wedged in between her drums and the amps. " Jesus Christ! Get me out of here. I'm fucking dying!" Chloe pants in her very slight French accent. I've always loved hearing her speak. It's almost soothing. Certainly a lot more pleasing to the ear than Nina. I love the woman,but there's only so much "my fair lady" a person can take. Nina always sounds like she is about two seconds away from stabbing you with a piece of glass. Nina and I brace ourselves against the amp and push against the wall. This frees up enough room for Chloe to squeeze out.

" Fucking hell, Chloe. Your ass get bigger,love?" Nina asks in between grunts as we extract our drummer. This is pretty funny as there is only one person with a big ass in the harlots....And it's not Chloe or I.

" Fuck you,Nina. Don't make me steal your girl." Chloe chuckles as she pops out of the little compartment she was sitting it. There is an actual pop sound as the immense amps fall back Into place.

" Fat chance of that, love. She doesn't like people who look like slutty versions of those precious moments kids." Nina fires back.

It's one of those things,that once mentioned,it's impossible not to picture. So I double over in laugher. Or attempted laughter. I'm silently convulsing,which just pisses Chloe off more. She finally just says," your chin looks like an ass,"love" I'm surprised chuckles McGee there hasn't pixelated it." Chloe replies, nodding towards me.

" It's only genitals. Everything else is fair game. Even ass chins." I pant back. I caress Nina's chin for good measure. " I'd be pretty stoked if my ass was as good as your chin."

Nina plays along and starts cooing," magic hands,love. You have magic hands." She pulls back finally before giggling," two more seconds of that and it would be officially cheating . I'm saving us both loads of heart ache. My shapely chin has lead many innocents to ruin." She finishes haughtily.

" God you guys are fucking weird." I hear chloe faintly Say in the background. We start ambling toward the backstage area and let the roadies get to work. Being juro's guys,these are probably the best paid roadies in all Japan. They looked rather intimidating,so I just gave them a nod of acknowledgement as we passed. The harlots usually never have roadies. We load and unload everything ourselves. But here in Japan.....Well,some hirings aren't exactly optional for me. Juro's guys also run the merch booth and the bar. The band is really just losing my cut and I'm fine with that. It's not like any of us need the money anymore.

Backstage I let my self fall onto the small and ratty couch there. God only knows how much dried semen from bands that will break up before their first single I'm laying in. I don't give a fuck. my protective layer of sweat will insulate me. I'm wearing a thin wife beater,but even that it soon much. (The concealer makeup that is slathered on my arms and trunk also raises my temperature. It's almost like fake skin. Won't wear off and works wonders to cover tattoos.) I whip the shirt over my head and let it fall to the ground. " Follow that, bitch" I grin to my sister.

Now a regular performance is tiring enough. But tonight I went all out. Balls to the wall,super Saiyan God super Saiyan 2,beyond thunderdome....Every god damned thing I had. By the end of the last song,I was near passing out with each word. I love my sister dearly. But I'll be damned if I'm going to let her show me up. Even if I am opening for her. Needless to say,we have a healthy sibling rivalry when it comes to performing. Mariko looks down at me. She looks the complete opposite of me. She is fresh faced,hair immaculate, bright pink and yellow everything. Twin pigtails and very short but puffy dress. She leans close and kisses my forehead. " You're sweaty." She simply says and walks over to the curtain that separates the stage and backstage area. There she leans against the wall and ticks off on her hand as the lights go off in the venue. Which of course causes the eruption of cheers. Then mariko ticks off a second finger as her entrance music hits. Mariko winks at me and heads out to the stage. It takes me a few seconds before I realize she changed the music. ...It's nui harime's theme from kill la kill...That cheeky whore.

That's one thing I've admired about mariko's shows. She wants to deliver a complete experience. Everything fits into something else. Me? Fuck it. We play as hard as we can and just do whatever comes to mind. Peeking out the curtain,I see mariko dancing around while teddy bears explode covering people in glitter. Ok,Maybe she just likes making a mess. But it's a mess that means something. I feel my eyes start to tear up watching her. She looks....Free. " I can never speak to billy again." I say to Nina without turning around. I know she is there because I can feel her presence. That is how you know you can be In a band with someone,and that band will work. If you don't have a near psychic connection with them? Pass it up. Chloe, Nina and I don't even have to speak or look at each other on stage. We just know what the other is thinking.

"The Andrea thing?" Nina replies moving to stand beside me. She makes an approving sound as Mariko moves on to her next song. The song is slow and grinding. Must be a new song,as I've never heard it before.

" Yeah." I say after a period of silence. I feel cheated. Billy was someone I genuinely liked...And now I learn those rumors of him being violent with Andrea are true?! " How can I look my sister in the face and associate with someone like that?" I ask Nina before finally drinking the bottle of water. I gulp it hungrily and I feel my body rehydrate. I don't think the first 10 ounces even reached my stomach before being soaked into my throat.

Nina thinks for while before speaking. " Like Vara leaving,you think mariko gives a toss anymore? You could...Oh,I dunno...Ask mariko how she feels before acting, love? It's really not that hard." Nina says in a tone that sounds like a nanny explaining why I shouldn't stick a fork in an outlet.

I watch mariko on stage as I think about what Nina said. I mean,yeah...She is right. Mariko truly didn't care about vara anymore. It made sense she would probably feel the same about her ex husband. Unlike me,mariko didn't seem to hold grudges. She just moved on. " OK. Then what about for my own sake? That's totally fucked up of Billy to do." I state, rather determined to have my feelings validated.

Nina produces a bottle of beer and cracks it open. She uses the door frame to uncap it. Taking a small chunk of wood out that joins the cap with its clattering onto the floor. " Does it fucking matter? Is Billy close enough where you'd let him watch takara?" Nina asks drinking her beer. Nina always drinks beer with authority. It's like you expect some bad ass shit to go down after she takes a sip. It's really a thing of beauty. Part red neck trucker,part Dickensian villain.

" Well of course not." I answer instantly. There are few people I would ever leave takara with. Other than Mariko, 2 are in my hand. 2 are in atomic war bride. Jayne and her dad.. With honor and Gretchen rounding the number out to 7. That's it.

"Then why does it matter? Who gives a fuck ?" Nina says with a shrug. She tosses the bottle in an arc,missing the trash bin and rolling under the semen couch. Who knows what's under it. I'm picturing very sticky and crusty bugs.

" Well...I mean..." I start,not knowing what I was planning on saying. Nina made perfect sense,so I had no real response. Why did it matter? Was it like billy and I had lunch together often? But still,it was something I didn't agree with and didn't want to be around. " Still. That's not the kind of thing I want to be associated with. " I finally say.

Before I know what's happening,Nina's arms wrap around my waist and her chin rests on my shoulder. It's one of those things where,as I've mentioned before, people would read waaaaaay too much into if they saw it. " You always did take things far too personal,love." She tells me softly in my ear. Our past relationship was something neither of us ever really brought up or even hinted at. This was probably the closest we ever got to even discussing it. I sit there in almost shock at the reality that Nina went there....Then I feel my bra strap tighten and snap back.

" Yowch! You fucking bitch! " I scream. I scream so loud that I'm sure the people outside in the venue heard it. It stings soooo bad! Also,to add insult to injury,I have to rehook my bra.

" I'll see you at home,love. We got loads of packing ahead of us." Nina says with a grin and slips out the back door of the venue. Stick out my tongue and blow her a kiss. She's right though,tomorrow we all leave for the united States. The mariko tour is going world wide this time! I'm sure Nina isn't going to pack shit. She will just dump clothes into a suitcase as we're leaving tomorrow.

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Mariko's show had ended a good three hours ago. Hands were shook,things were signed, people were hugged. I, personally love it. Mariko, however, hates it. She can be surprisingly timid when around people she doesn't know. But yet,she doesn't want to let people who meet her down. Soooo what ends up happening is they meet her and are all," oh I love you. Your music...Blah blah blah." And mariko will go," what's your mom's name? What color is your house? I hear cans of corn are on sale today." My sister is HORRIBLE at small talk and it's adorable. Usually the person in the other side just assume she's being bizarre on purpose.
The show has long been over and the venue staff are cleaning up. There is probably a layer of glitter that is ankle deep in front of the stage. Mariko and I are sitting at the bar,killing time before we have to be on the plane to San Francisco in 2 hours.
The bar is like pretty much every punk rock venue bar when the house lights are on: black paint slathered all over everything and random stickers from random bands. I do notice a distinct lack of harlots stickers on the bar. We should get on making some.

" Two rum and cokes" mariko chips to the bartender. He was young man,so I assumed the bald look was shaved. unless he had bad genes or cancer. In any case,he looks like he is having none of our shit. It's 5 am and he's on his way home. He just sets a bottle of rum and a two liter of coke on the bar.

"Some assembly required" he mutters and tosses his towel on the bar with a degree of finality that says " see ya, bitches. I'm out" he walks towards the door and is gone.Clearly,not someone under the employ of juro. On the upside,a free bottle of rum and coke. Fuck yes.

"There isn't any ice back there." Mariko whines. She is standing on her barstool and bent over the bar. Her underpants showing to the world. They look to be bright yellow with blue stars on them.

"Nice panties, mari chan." I giggle,snapping the elastic on her waist. It makes a satisfying "snap!" And causes her to jump

"Gah!" Mariko yelps. " I got them from your closet. So I'd shut the fuck up. I'm not the one who spent money on the things." She giggles,pouring us some drinks. In typical mariko form,it's mostly rum with a splash of coke. Mainly for color. It's well known in some circles that my sister can out drink anyone. Many nights on the Duke we've competed. The results are always the same: mariko. Karoliena.( Who I've never seen sloppy drunk.) Nina. Erich (barely )Myself, and finally Chloe. I'm not sure where Gretchen would fit in. Probably at the very bottom. She's a light weight.

"So they are. How about that." I reply. Which really is the only sensible thing to do when someone points out that their ugly underwear is actually yours. I take a long drink of my drink. We can afford to get plastered before the flight. It's a looooong flight to the states. Plus, we're going to be drinking on the plane anyway. It's a private flight,so we won't be irritating anyone but each other.

" So what'd you think of the show? And be honest. I'm a big girl,I can take it." Mariko asks, puffing out her chest in bravado. Sometimes mariko gets dangerously close to out Cuting me. This is one of those times. It is nice seeing more of the Mariko that I grew up with. It is funny how sometimes life's journey sometimes loops right back how it started. Sometimes I feel very responsible for the direction mariko's life took after her becoming a performer. Granted,we traveled in sorta different circles, but I helped her get started. I don't know. It could just be my seeming desire to take the blame for things.

"It was probably the best show I've ever seen you do. Oh,and congratulations. You managed to be look more unsettling than when you were covered in stage blood." I tell her while smirking. While cute,my sister did always seem to have an undercurrent of menace about her. Even as little kids. She always looked like a doll. A doll that would come to life at night and eat your skin. Her music now was starting to take on that sound as well.

Mariko giggles and raises her eyebrows. " Good. My plan is working perfectly" she brightly says after clasping her hands together. "I'm tired of being known as your little sister or that girl who dates people vastly more talented than she is." Marino says in a joking tone. But we both know there is truth to it. Like myself, mariko is a very proud person.

I grin back to her. " Until recently,I also was known for dating people vastly more talented than me." I agree with mariko. Personally I never minded. I just don't have that sort of ego when it comes to my work. I'll gladly slog it out on the independent scene until I die. Well,as independent as the harlots can be. We are signed to one of the biggest labels. But it's not like they ever notice us or invite us to the holiday parties. I'm kidding though. They do their thing and we do ours. It's mutually beneficial this way.but I know I'll never be heralded as one of the real musicians. I'm fine with that.

Mariko shrugs and takes a thoughtful drink. "I guess. Personally I didn't like vile hour that much and lashes fucking sucked." Mariko says matter of factly. She can be very blunt at times. Especially with me. I have to like her,she's my sister. So she rarely worries about hurting my feelings. Lashes was probably...OK,definitely due to my personal attachment to Natalya. And vile hour? Vile hour could be an acquired taste.

Mariko refills our glasses after that. Again,mostly rum with a splash of coke. " What do you think about the whole Billy and Andrea thing? " I ask mariko. We were sufficiently drunk enough to where I felt I could bring it up to her. I was curious for personal reason and generally wanting to know how mariko felt. I was still a bit pissed off about it.

" I don't." Mariko laughs. She takes another drink and runs her finger around the lip. the condensation making it squeal a little. " I don't really know either of them. So I don't really care." Mariko states in what almost could be described as cold.

I raise an eyebrow and look to mariko. It wasn't the answer I expected at all. " Really?" I ask rather surprised.

"Yeah. I mean do you have a deep and personal connection with everyone who has had a spouse murdered?" Mariko asks with a gesture of her hand. She says this with a hint of gentleness as it could be misconstrued as Catty. Mariko is one of the few people I've never gotten into an argument with. We just always have had a deep respect of each other's opinions.

"Well...No." I answer rather sheepishly. When she states it like that,my reasoning does seem a bit off. " It's just knowing what happened....I just can't look at him the same way." I say burying my face in my glass.

Mariko,of course,picks up on my asking for advice without really asking. " Well....People make mistakes. It's never too late for a new start. Until it is." Mariko states and looks toward the ground meaningfully.

" Sounds like a Gretchen phrase if I ever heard one." I say with a smile. I honestly can't wait to see her soon. She's been in Arizona on an assignment for karoliena's business. Gretchen's take on the stripping business was a unique one. Or at least to my knowledge it was. She told me she felt it one part entertainment and one part psychology. Sometimes people wanted advice along with their lap dance. I could see it working like that. From the very moment she met me,she saw that I needed a friend. Like I've said before,it's a good thing she doesn't have an evil bone in her body.

"It is." Mariko laughs warmly. " If you fuck this up... Well, we all know she has a thing for Japanese girls. Sooooo." Mariko teases. Mariko was fond of Gretchen too. It was hard not to be. She just had that type of magnetism.

" You had better not." I tease back and playfully shove mariko. Which results in her giggling like mad. " Besides,aren't you already interested in someone.... Jeez,I think we both have something for blonde Caucasian girls." I continue with a giggle.

Mariko quickly puts me in a headlock and we tussle around. " Nnnnnooooopppppeeee. I just wanna be like my sister. I want a blonde girlfriend too". As she says this,we both fall to the floor. And Lord is this floor dirty. Thankfully,the layer of cigarette butts cushioned our fall. I can practically feel the tar and saliva oozing out of them.

Next thing I know,the roaring whine of a jet engine is waking me. My head hurts and I can faintly feel my tongue scraping the roof of my mouth. It's so dry ,I hear the sound in my head. I feel like death. Ugh. No more drinking for me. At least until tonight.

" A bit of the hair of the dog that bit you,love?" Nina asks with a laugh. Her bouncing my foot with hers does nothing for my head. But I answer her by raising a finger. We only live once. So may as well eat drink and be merry. Especially the last two.

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" oh my god! It's beautiful!" I squeal like the excited tourist I am. I've been to Austria before, many many times. Atomic war bride got their first real success in the Germany,Austria,and Switzerland area. So naturally the harlots played oodles of shows here. But we mainly stuck to get Vienna,so I've never seen the countryside parts. Gretchen's parents lived in a small town called Hallstatt.it looked right off of a postcard. Very old looking buildings,a huge lake. Which if it wasn't so cold,I'd want to take a boat out on.

Gretchen looks out the same window of the train, smooshing me against the chair and glass. Not that I kind,if you can't get smooshed by the one you love,why bother? " Yup! Just as I left it. Beautiful and dull as fuck." She grins down at me,now purposely pressing me into the glass. " Oh,I'm sorry. Do you not have enough room?" She giggles, practically laying on top of me.

" Wot? No swinging clubs other than a monastery and a meadery?" I joke. I can see how a young Gretchen would find this town very boring. But with it being new to me? I was ready to soak it all in. besides,it was a nice change from Osaka. Even with the fair amount of property I owned,we were still surrounded by urban sprawl. I try to wriggle underneath Gretchen,but I'm stuck pretty good between her and the window. So I give her neck a little bite. This causes her to shriek,much to the dismay of other passengers. Our loud laughs and squeals were winning us no friends.but fuck them, we're on vacation.

"Oh things used to get pretty wild when church let out." " She says with a shake of her head. " Seriously though,there is fuck all to do here other than drink." She laughs and makes the gesture as if she is drinking something. To the other passengers relief,Gretchen gets off of me and sits back in her seat. " You know I bruise easily. A giant Hickey on my neck is sure to win over my parents" she grimaces,looking at her reflection in the window. Which did indeed show a red spot on her neck.

" The hickey will show them I'm passionate about you." I tell Gretchen with a wink. To my knowledge,she still never told her parents about me. So this was going to be a surprise for them. " How do you think they will handle....You know?" I ask Gretchen and point to myself.

"Passionate indeed." She cackles and holds my hand as she settles back into her seat. The train seats were seats in the fact they were something to sit on. They were not that comfortable. And mine smelled like onion. Ew. " Nope. Total surprise." Gretchen proudly says. " I'm an only child and can do no wrong. They'll love you. How could they not?" She says happily as we pull into the station.
The station was a bustling center of chaos. At least compared to how the city looked on approach. Hallstatt still has a long way to go before it meets the Insanity of Osaka. Fuck those trains and their stations. Subway fondlers do exist. I've got the legal fees from elbowing the wrong person in the nose to prove it. So going through this crowd was a breeze. Gretchen and I didn't have like suitcases or anything. Just small messenger bags with a change of clothes in them. Years of being a musician taught me the joys of travelling light. Less bulk,less time spent in customs,less chance someone is going to jack your shit.

" Well,I am a ball of sunshine and smiles." I agree as we take off trotting down the street. I seem to remember Gretchen saying she only lived about ten minutes from the station. " But seriously,how do you think they will react to " oh,by the way, I totally dig girls now."? It could go badly." I tell her. I let my hand slap the branches of a hedge we pass.the hedge is trimmed at nearly perfect right angles.it looks like a green table almost. I worry this won't go how Gretchen plans. She can be very....Devil may care when it comes to things. Which I do love a lot. She just seems confident the universe will fall into place for her.

Gretchen rolls her eyes and giggles. " Hitomi. They know I used to,and sometimes still take off my clothes for money. And That I work for a fetish wear/sex toy company .Yah, They are sooooooo the judgemental type." She says sarcastically. She slaps my ass really hard before teasing," you keep up the worrying and I am not going to fuck you in my old room. " she gives my butt a few promising squeezes. But it does little to put me at ease.

The only way I can describe this feeling is like doing any meet and greet with fans....Times a billion. I hate to let people down and not exceed their expectations of me. Especially Gretchen. But it's so easy to be on stage in front of thousands. But one on one? That is fucking nerve wracking. What if I go full mariko social awkwardness and ask how their last pet died or something? " Well,yeah..But.." I start,but don't finish. There really isn't a counter point to be made.

" See? You have nothing. This will be fun." Gretchen beams. I'd like say her optimism was infectious. But another reason that I didn't want to mention,I even tried my hardest not think about it. But...: I couldn't help but think about when I met Natalya's dad. It went so perfectly. He was so sweet and loving...And I sat right in that room and lied to him. Sure,I didn't purposely lie to him,but I did all the same. I guess maybe I'm worried things will take the same path if i meet Gretchen's parents?

I only respond with a little grunt. This doesn't seem to satisfy Gretchen. So she keeps on talking. " Besides,it's your turn to feel uncomfortable. I met your daughter and all of your friends. That was one,two,three...Six! Six people I had to win over. You only have two to charm." She says,counting off the number on her hands.

continued soon

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The house was beautiful on the inside. The walls were cream colored and polished wood was everywhere. I don't know the kind of wood,but it's the kind that almost looks like it's glowing a slight gold color. Beautiful. I had to touch nearly every bit of it we passed as Gretchen and I entered her parents house. I took everything in. This was where Gretchen grew up,after all. There were several small photos of baby Gretchen,all the way up to recent Gretchen. Sadly,Gretchen was NOT a cute baby. She was one of those spidery thin ones who look like aliens. Around 4 or 5 is when she became adorable looking. Thank God takara was fat and cute from birth....I hope she doesn't become a hideous child. Yeah,it's shallow. But nobody wants to have the ugly kid at birthday parties and shit. People slide you ads for lawyers specializing in birth defects,and you have to have that awkward conversation of ,"thanks. But no. My child just naturally looks like this.". Natalya was a cute kid.....But I have no idea what Sam Fisher looked like as a kid. So we could be in for a surprise come 7 years old or so.

Gretchen's mother was surprisingly young looking. Like...Really young looking. Porno mom and daughter looking. Her mother grinned and hugged Gretchen tightly when we entered the home. It was sweet,she lifted Gretchen off the ground with the and kissed her all over the face. Then said something in German. From the tone and context,I assumed it was something to the effect of missing Gretchen.

Gretchen replied in German, then spoke in English. I assume to let her mother know I had no clue what was being said. " Mom. This is Hitomi." She told her mother carefully. Gretchen had told me she wasn't worried about telling her parents she wasn't straight. And the hesitation didn't feel like that,it felt more like general sort of worry about announcing you had found a serious lover.

I always felt weird being introduced. I had no idea what to say or do with my hands. I end up giving a little wave and piping​ up, "that's me!" It's stupid and I have no idea why I said it. I guess I was far more nervous than I realized. I was very concerned with not living up to whatever image Gretchen had of this moment.

" so pleased to meet you,finally. I'm Gretchen's mother, Anna. Do you work with Gretchen?" She asks inquisitively. I giggled a little because either she is implying I look like a stripper or someone who specializes in high priced sex gear. Which I guess I kinda do at the moment. I'm wearing a tank top and jeans. So my tattoos are in full display. Which...Do give me a certain... Salacious quality.

Gretchen finds this hilarious and nearly doubles over laughing. "mom! No. Hitomi doesn't work with me. She can't pole dance if her life depended on it." Gretchen says between laughs. It was true though. Gretchen tried teaching me and I just can't do it. Juro found it hilarious to watch though. He made sure to inform me that regardless of his feelings about my brother: there was no way in hell I'd ever dance at his club. My sultry clothes removal will just have to be ground based. Large bruises on my ass aren't sexy...Maybe to karoliena. " Mom..Remember when I said I couldn't tell you who I was dating because they were famous...Um...This is her. Hitomi Kobayashi. Better known as Erica Hess." Gretchen says almost nervously.

Anna looks at Gretchen and then studies me intently. I can't read minds, but I think she's figuring out if I'm someone she should know. The fact her daughter is dating a female doesn't seem to phase her that much. At least not outwardly. "Well...I'm glad to see you finally accepted it." Anna says in contentment and invites us all to sit in the living room.

The living room had a lovely sofa we all sat on. It was a dark brown leather and very puffy. It was like sitting on an inflated cow.it made a vaguely fart like sound as we all sat down. Gretchen and I started giggling because we're perpetually six years old. " What do you mean I finally accepted it?!" Gretchen asks her mother,almost offended.

" Your father and I just assumed you and that girl in your ballet class were a thing." Anna says while sipping her tea. I still couldn't figure out if Anna was teasing her daughter or not. Though she did seem genuinely unimpressed that her daughter had a girlfriend.

At this,Gretchen nearly spits out her tea. " Caridad?! Caridad had lopsided nipples and was horribly rude. Ew!" Gretchen says in a most disgusted tone. Which I have to admit,made me want to meet this ballerina with the lopsided nipples. Were they slightly askew,or was one near her shoulder and the other down by her belly button?

Anna just shrugged and patted her daughter's head. " See? You were looking." Anna says this warmly and rather vindicated. I could picture her having a bet with the father on how long it would be before Gretchen brought a girl home. And I think we were sitting in the room with the winner of that bet. "But yes. She was a rude girl. We were hoping you'd be able to find someone kinder.".

Gretchen pouts dramatically and nearly mutters under her breath, "how could I miss them? They were like two pinkies sticking off her chest.". Ok. Now it was my life's mission to find this woman. I'll pay whatever it takes to see these mangled nipples.

Anna turns to me and starts to speak, but finally realizes who I am. " Oh yes! I know who you are. You hosted that awards show a few years ago." Anna says brightly. I was a little taken aback. Most people either bring up the harlots or big brother when talking about my career. Co hosting the FCA awards? I'll take it! Probably the most legitimate gig I've had recently anyways. Lord knows it's better than being instantly known for big brother or the entire aftermath of that.

"Yup! That was me!" I say proudly. Looking back,it probably was the turning point to what almost could be called mainstream success.i long since embraced being mainstream. I've paid my punk rock dues.

Now that was out of the way,Anna settled in for the conversation. She drew her legs under her and finished her tea. " So where did you two meet?" She asks sweetly. She seemed genuinely interested. Its a shame the story isn't as romantic as Anna probably imagines.

" I met her at work one night. She was very drunk." Gretchen says while laughing. " Oh my God was she ever drunk. One thing lead the another and here we are." Gretchen says proudly. You would think we had a love story like those terrible movies like the notebook. But I was happy with our origin story. Cassie and karoliena met in a sex shop. And they have the relationship everyone should aim to have. Nobody loves like they do in those movies. Falling down drunk or in a pile of dildos. This is how real people meet.

"It happens." I say with a little shrug and a laugh. I'm a musician. Alcohol and drug use are part and parcel to the whole package. " Free drinks and loneliness are a dangerous combination." I grin and hold Gretchen's hand. this was fun. I get the distinct feeling that Anna here was anything but a stick in the mud. Gretchen was quite the free spirit,so I assume it came from somewhere.

Gretchen squeezes my hand and turns back to her mother, Who is listening with a bemused smirk. " We knew she was going home alone and,well...People die like that. Well, I've been a big fan of hers, soooooo..." Gretchen trails off with finality.

Anna shakes her head and sips her tea again. " Gretchen Gretchen Gretchen. Going home with some one you barely know,just because they are famous?! My daughter the groupie." Anna says,lightly teasing her daughter.

" Oh I wasn't a groupie until the next morning,mom" Gretchen replies back. She says this whole dramatically inspecting her nails. The way she does this Implies this is the sort of joking relationship Gretchen and her mom have. Rarely does Gretchen take anything serious,and sex jokes with her mom certainly aren't they surprising.

" Well,at least you couldn't get pregnant. I raised you. Once was enough for me." Anna says exasperated. " If this is serious,I guess I'll never be a grandma." She says with a hint of sadness in spite of her previous statement. I guess the idea of adoption doesn't exist,or artificial insemination?

" Well congratulations,anna.you're now a Grandma." I say in a flat voice before giggling. " I have a daughter who is three years old. We're lucky in that she adores Gretchen. Takara can be very..... Particular in who she accepts." I say proudly. I do love any time I can bring up takara. Takara would enjoy it to. She likes a fuss being made over her....For about ten minutes. After that she wants to back to running around with a box on her head or something. Seriously,the kid loves a box on her head.

Gretchen pipes up," oh my God,mom. Takara is soo adorable.such a free little spirit."

Anna looks out the window and back to us again." Thanks,now I feel old." She laughs warmly. " Now I guess I'll just let myself go and wear cat sweaters."

Gretchen giggles and shakes her head. "Mom,no! Dad and I will get you a foxy grandma or GILF shirt."

Anna glares at Gretchen quickly." I swear if you do, Gretchen..." She says in a most motherly tone. This prompts me to poorly stifle a laugh. Which just ends up in me sounding like baby blowing a raspberry. " Do you have any pictures of this child?" Anna asks me.

Any pictures? Bitch,I've got 80 gigs on this phone alone of taki pics. " Um...I have a few." I say modestly and hand my phone to her. This is the moment every parent waits for . Sure,I played it cool,but I was waiting. I was waiting as patiently as a tiger stalking a villager. I wanted this,I NEEDED this.

Anna gently takes the phone and instantly says," oh my God. She's beautiful!" YES! There it was. Hearing that is music to my ears. It could be better than sex. I just give a little nod of acknowledgement. I couldn't look too eager to hear that praise. She continues flipping through the pictures oohing and ahhing over them. " She seems fond of hello Kitty. Three years old? If I didn't know better,I'd say she could be Gretchen's."

I knew she wanted to ask,but was too polite to ask how takara came to be. So I spoke up to save her from having to ask. " Biologically she is my...First wife's. she... Um died in childbirth." I say rather awkwardly. I could feel the air being sucked out of the room,but I didn't want any follow-up questions as to if my first wife was still involved. I have the term ex wife,it sounds so disrespectful in light of what happened.

I could feel Gretchen's expression of wordlessly asking her mother not to say or ask anything else on the subject. She did attempt to come to the rescue and change the subject back to takara as she is now. " We will bring takara next time. You will just fall in love with her. She is such a bundle of energy." Takara was pretty fond of Gretchen. Probably because Gretchen was always making little outfits or hats for takara. The girl loved a hat. The more complex and impractical,the better.

Anna smiled at the phone when Gretchen mentioned us bringing takara next time. " You guys had better. I can't wait to meet this child. Look at that... Perfection." Anna states as she holds up the phone. It's a picture of takara dressed in my clothes and singing to her stuffed animals. Thank God it isn't a video. All she does is scream loudly....Hmm. kinda like I do. fancy that. " Who is the woman in the pictures with her. It's bad form to show pictures of your ex girlfriend to your current girlfriends mom. I remember that much from that summer in University."

I hear the slight smacking sound as Gretchen puts her hand to her mouth and quietly says," oh my God. Mom!"

"Quit being dramatic, Gretchen. If I have to see your Instagram pictures,with the​ most vile comments,you can deal with my mentions of University fun." Anna replies to Gretchen with a wave of her hand. I don't bother to hide my laughing. Man do Gretchen's pictures bring out the creeps. I also find Anna hilarious. I have the feeling she enjoys embarrassing​ her daughter. But she is also just that laid back. But I get the impression she takes no shit when it comes to protecting her daughter.

" That would be my sister, mariko. " I answer back while still laughing. "Takara just adores her. The two are inseparable. they are currently in the States. Something about seeing the world's largest ball of yarn." I say in the most serious way one could say that. Mariko loved that sort of tourist thing. I did too,but mariko took it to an obsession. Sometimes she went alone, sometimes she took takara. Mariko can never have children of her own,so will never tell her she can't do something with takara. " To be perfectly honest,I don't let just anyone meet my daughter. I don't want people coming in,and then leaving her life. Even Gretchen had to earn it." I say lovingly towards Gretchen and smile at her. I'm sure it sounded catty to her mom, but I wanted no mistakes over what was important in my life,and how highly I thought of Gretchen.

" It's sweet you and mariko are so close. We haven't seen Gretchen's aunt in years." Anna says rather bitterly before saying something in German. Anna doesn't elaborate but I assume it's something juicy. Anna also doesn't address my cattiness. She just smiled warmly and gave a little nod. I think it was approval. Maybe I do have a good head on my shoulders after all.

Gretchen leans in close and poorly whispers in my ear, " my aunt tried sleeping with my dad. But he wasn't having any of that. He told my mom and SHE FUCKING PUNCHED HER SISTER IN THE EYE!" I look over at Gretchen and then Anna in excitement. This woman was bad ass.

Anna gives Gretchen​ a piece of gum. "Here. Chew this. Nobody needs to hear those old stories,Gretchen Gertrude allin." Anna sternly says.

Gretchen faintly whispers again," it was at my last birthday party." Then returns to sitting on her butt. The fact Gretchen's middle name is Gertrude is fucking hilarious. I'm totally calling her that the next time we have sex. Fuck me, Gertrude! Hahahahah.

Anna crosses her arms and glares at Gretchen. " Gretchen! You're going to have your girlfriend thinking we are like those people on Jerry Springer!" She snaps at Gretchen.

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This ski trip was something else. I kinda got the hang of it but it still feels like I'm going to end up in the splits if I'm not careful. And trust me,I'm not as flexible as I used to be.  So I'd probably die right there in the snow. A fountain of blood spraying from my body that's split from kitty to sternum. not a cute look. But sitting in the cabin her family owns is nice.its right on the side of the mountain. Our deck area overlooks the valley below and with the ice? I could probably slip right off and fall thousands of feet. Death seems to be around every corner here. But Gretchen assures me that nobody has fallen to their death in the hundred years this little place has been here. Still, I don't want to be the first to pop this valley's death cherry.

The cabin is adorable and looks right out of a hot chocolate commercial,or a sausage, cheese,and cracker commercial. It's all wooden and looks very rustic. But it's warm and inviting too. There probably is enough snow on the roof that it'd come up to my waist. I sit in one of the two chairs that face the big window that looks out onto the snow. It's near dusk,so everything is like an orange fading into blue . Gretchen hands me a mug of hot chocolate and sits in the chair beside me. You would think we would drink only the finest melted chocolate...but nope. This is the powder with the tiny little marshmallows.

"It's beautiful up here, no?" She asks, propping her feet up on the little ottoman. She was wearing bright yellow duck slippers,so their heads bounced slightly when she did this.  She was right. It was beautiful up here. The wind howling around rocks was pretty much the only sound that didn't come from Gretchen or myself. It seemed the orgy of noise back in Osaka was another life entirely. I did love it here. it reminded me of being on the duke while in the middle of the ocean. The world could be in chaos,but you're so far removed that you wouldn't know.

"Yeah. I could stay here forever
" I tell her while sinking into the chair and taking her hand. " We'd have to put taki in a cage though. I am not having her run around here. There are fucking cliffs every where."

" I think the cage My parents kept me in is still in the attic.." Gretchen muses,looking at the ceiling above us. She then playfully smacks my shoulder. " We aren't keeping her in a cage! We'll use a leash like sensible people." Gretchen laughs warmly and drinks her Coco.

"Oh my God,don't encourage her! She already wants me to buy her dog toys and take her for walks." I giggle. That's Taki's latest thing. She likes to pretend she's a dog. But not just any kind of dog. She says she's an Australian Shepherd.... Fucking little weirdo. I take my own sip of Coco .it's wonderfully rich and thick.  There probably isn't real chocolate in it,but it's still tasty. As are the slimy marshmallows.

Gretchen snorts in laughter after I mention the dog thing. " You think she spotted aunt karoliena and aunt Cassie... playing?" She asks this and it suddenly made perfect sense. Oh Lord. Taki does spend a LOT of time there. In fact,she's there now.

" You think?!" I ask in a panic. there will come a time when takara will learn most all the adults in her life are degenerates of the worst type. But until that time,I want to keep her as innocent and pure as can be. I'm already firing off a text to karoliena threatening to beat her within an inch of her life if takara EVER walks in on Cassie and her.

Gretchen laughs and snatches the phone away from me. " I was kidding! What kind of awful people do you think they are?!" She asks in surprise. " I love my mom,but I'd like to be raised by them too."

It's my turn to playfully smack Gretchen's arm. " I bet you would." I tease her with a grin .  Gretchen and I made no secret of people we found attractive. There is nothing wrong with window shopping,right?  Gretchen was all about Cassie when it came to the Summers women. Which I found surprising. She's absolutely God damned terrifying. Maybe Gretchen likes people shorter than she is. Cassie is barely taller than I am . 

Gretchen smiles slyly and and kisses my hand. It leaves a light coat of lipstick behind. " I'm going to get you a wig like her hair. You're going to need to work on your American accent Though."  Gretchen laughs and squeezes my hand. 

"Oh yeah,how's this?" I reply in what may be the worst John Wayne impression ever. It doesn't get more American than John Wayne,right?

Gretchen stares blankly and sets her Coco mug down. " Wow..I think I got so turned off,I'm a virgin again and need to go call a nunnery." She says while shaking her head to get the idea out. She takes a sip of her coca and continues. " You think...you know?" She asks,mentally shooting me the details of what she is asking.

While we are certainly not strangers to frisky fun with people we aren't dating. There was that time with sayyid. which was pretty fun , admittedly.  And once with Jayne,of all people. I still don't know how THAT happened.  I felt ... different about karoliena and Cassie when it came to involving Gretchen. Maybe because they could do the one thing I couldn't. I do not make a very convincing dominatrix. In fact, Gretchen is the dominant one between us. What if Gretchen decides that's what she wants?  If it is,am I wrong if I don't let her experience it?  " With Cassie and karoliena?!  Like.....REAL playtime with them?" I ask playing back my memory of the time I visited them. I learned very quickly that it was TOO hardcore for me. But I stuck it out longer than I wanted just to prove to them I could hang.....I failed miserably. A little bit of being tied up? Handling me roughly? That has it's place. But actual pain? No. Not for me.

Gretchen snorts with laughter and drinks her cocoa. "Fuck no. I WORK with karoliena. That would make work really fucking awkward. Plus,shes is really intimidating. i don't want to go all serious into the s&m thing . How intense can it be with Cassie? She's tiny."  Gretchen scoffs,using her hand to demonstrate how tall Cassie is. Or in her case,isn't.

I've fucked pretty much everyone I've ever been in a band with. It just sort of happens, really. You spend hours alone with people and desires creep up. It's never been awkward. Maybe I just work with professionals. I know for a fact karoliena wouldn't make it weird.  " Gretchen...you silly,silly woman. Cassie IS the more vicious one. " I tell her protectively and shake my head.

"Wait,how do you know?! I know karoliena keeps a tight lid on what actually goes on." Gretchen exclaims,her eyes growing very wide. She looks me up and down with a slight hint of awe. Shit,I guess karoliena really did keep her promise and never tell. I can't believe that session never came up in office talk between Gretchen and karoliena. They literally make sex toys and costumes!

Now I could easily lie. I've known karoliena since I was 20. Surely I'd be close to her and be privy to parts of her life that Gretchen wasn't. But I wasn't about to lie to Gretchen.  " Umm..I guess that cat is out of the bag now." I giggle nervously. I mean,it was before I even met Gretchen so it's not like I lied.  But maybe a heavy s&m experience  was like having a career in porn. You probably should tell your mate.
" It was one time.it took weeks for the marks to go away." I smile at Gretchen. On one hand,I didn't like it at all. but on the other....I did find it to be quite the learning experience.

"Really?" Gretchen replies,crossing her arms. " You. You who nearly cry if   I pinch you too hard? " Gretchen laughs loudly and  leans forward to exaggerate her interest. "Please,tell me all about five minutes." She says with a smirk. This is pretty funny as Gretchen's tolerance for pain is maybe slightly higher than my own. We're delicate flowers.

" I've said too much by even confirming the story. " I say quickly. It truly was one of those first rule of fight club things. If it got back to karoliena that I told....it would probably hurt her. It takes a lot of trust to do what she does. And I kinda violated that. "Please. Never EVER say anything about it to her. I wasn't supposed to tell anyone." I plead to Gretchen.

Gretchen grins and hands me the phone. " I guess you better call and arrange things,then." Gretchen says devilishly. It was the last thing I expected her to say. Was this...was this some sort of long game she played to manipulate me to her bidding?!

Stunned,I take the phone and spin it slowly in my hand. The hello Kitty case mocking me with it's expressionless face. Maybe it's just because I'm so shocked,but hello Kitty is creepy. She never has an expression. She could be tap dancing through hell and still have those dead eyes. " Are you blackmailing me into a threesome with karoliena and Cassie?!" I ask,trying to figure out just how I'm going to do this. Yeah,there was the issue that Gretchen is actually evil...but karoliena and Cassie won't just invite anyone to their dungeon and then perform on command.

Gretchen looks aghast at my accusation." Erica,no! This is more of a swinger thing. I take Cassie,you take karoliena. It's a wife swap." She says cheerfully. It's almost infuriating at just how well Gretchen seems to have defanged me enough to where I don't even have the urge to fight with her over this .  This is some fucked up shit.

"But We aren't married. " I say dumbly to Gretchen. It was the only thing I could think to say. Yes,this was the time for logic to come into play.the mind is weird that way,I guess. With everything going on,I swear the wind outside is picking up and it gets colder in the house.

Gretchen laughs a genuine laugh and kisses me on the cheek. " So...will you marry me?" She asks very seriously. " I'd kneel,but I'm very comfy and these PJs cost 500 Euro." She giggles. Powdered hot chocolate and horrendously expensive pajamas....that's us.

"What?" I ask, trying to process just what's going on. Gretchen presses a small pink box into my hand. It's the size of a typical ring box. It has the familiar sanrio script on it's lid.

" You know I was just fucking with you." She grins widely and nods for me to open the box. "I've been wanting to ask for over a month but didn't know how. Karoliena told me to mention a threesome with them,then switch to just Cassie and i then you'd do the rest....wow. she REALLY knows you." Gretchen laughs like a little kid,pretty much rocking back and forth with the emotion.

Still stunned,I open the box slowly. It's a very delicate platinum ring with a hello Kitty head on it. It is simple but simple in the way only very expensive objects can be. Is this really what I want to do? In retrospect,I know I rushed into marriage with Natalya waaaay too quick. Would I be making the same mistake again? The microseconds were ticking away with the feel of years as she waited for my answer. I really didn't know what to do. Is this good for takara? Is it what Gretchen really wants? She could probably do better. Am I ready for forever? Would I finally make a decent spouse?  Would it be disrespectful to the memory of Natalya? Looming over all these concerns was the main one: what if the same thing happens to Gretchen? I've experienced too much death. I don't want anymore.

Gretchen waited politely for awhile before she cleared her throat and nudged me lightly. " Kinda a yes or no question...I'm starting to feel really self conscious." She giggled nervously. Which more than betrayed what was going on under the surface of Gretchen. She's usually the picture of confidence in any situation. I saw her start to reach out and take the box ,but she thought better of it.

I focused on my breathing to clear my head. I loved Gretchen. She loved me. Taki adored and accepted her... What the fuck could really go wrong? Well, random murder for one. But I know deep down that was a a fluke thing. Was I really ready to do this all over again? I looked at Gretchen and imagined the whole rest of our lives together...yeah. I'm going to do this. I decide. I slowly nod my head and slip the ring on my finger.  "Yes, Gretchen allin,I will marry you." I say very formally.

" You best be calling me Gretchen Hess. I'm talking your name and my mom wants a huge wedding for me since I'm the only child." Gretchen tells me playfully. I could hear the very real relief on her voice,in spite of how jovial she made it sound. She let out a sigh and leaned back in her chair and took hold of my now ringed hand.

"You mean Gretchen Kobayashi. I'm not legally named Erica Hess." I grin and squeeze her hand. Honestly,I was ecstatic.with every thing that has made up my life,I still wonder if people truly even like me. Much less,love me.

"Fuck that. I can't be a gold digger if I don't have your stage surname. How in the fuck am I supposed to berate bellhops if I'm yelling,dont you know who I am?! I'm Gretchen Kobayashi!!. They'll just look at me like ,so what." She cackled and finished her hot chocolate. "Now , Gretchen Hess
..that commands respect." She grins back at me.

"Gold digger?! You're really with the wrong sister. You really do need to be Gretchen Kobayashi." I laugh back to her. Mariko is by far the better businesswoman of us.

"I tried."Gretchen pouts and bounces her duck head slipper. "But Mariko wasn't interested. " She jokes with a sigh. She then picks up my hot chocolate and finishes it too.

"Hey,I wasnt finished!" I protest. I had artfully conserved the marshmallows so the final slurp would have the perfect ratio of chocolate to marshmallow.

Gretchen shrugs and licks her lips."sorry ,new wife tax. "She says as if it's truly out of her hands. Yeah,this is sooooo what I want from life. I'd cry,but my eyeliner is looking fine.

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" they're going to kill us in here!" Jayne's high-pitched voice of panic hissed to me. " Or worse!  I know what happens in these places. "" She adds , clenching my shirt tightly.

"We'll be fine. Shit,don't worry. We'll be out in a few hours." I tell her ,still rather tipsy from the night.  You go out drinking and get arrested and SOME people get all bent out of shape.  We were in the drunk tank with fellow revellers. Though not from the club we had went to. inside the holding cell,it looked like a who's who of drunken mom's, teenage girls with vomit in their hair ,one woman still wearing her Wendy's uniform, an entire bachelorette party,and finally Jayne and I. The place smelled horrible,like every body fluid ever was festering somewhere. But it could be worse.

" hours?! Be fine?! That's easy for you to say! You'll only get deported. Me?! I'll spend my life in here,being some manly woman's personal sex slave!  Arms tied behind my back and my tongue stuck out. They'll all take turns just sitting on my face. I csnt do this,erica. I can't! I'm not dying from being choked on pubic hair." Jayne says loudly. When she gets upset,Jayne has the habit of speaking very fast and even higher pitched. By the end of her speech,she was practically squealing. So much so that everyone was looking at her. "Stop looking at me! " She shrieks. She points to one of the many moms who probably had two bottles of wine for dinner and backs away" you stay away! I'm not licking you!" She has her fists clenched and everything.

I look around at our bleary eyed companions and shrug an apology before pointing at Jayne and making the gesture for drinking. This sort of settles things down a bit. "Jayne, fucking stop. You keep yelling and they might take you out of this cell . Then who knows who you'll be stuck with." I warn her,hoping being stuck with just strangers would be enough of a threat to keep her quiet. " Besides,you're my bitch now." I joke to her and place my hand on her thigh before laughing. She doesn't find this as funny as I do.

"That's not funny,Erica. You look like you belong in here " Jayne whimpers.nodding to my exposed arm tattoos. They stop a little below my elbow,so they're usually easy to hide.  "I never knew you even had tattoos. How many do you have?!" She asks as if she's been lied to her entire life.

I turn to her so most of the holding cell can't see and pull up my shirt to expose my completely covered torso.well,aside from a narrow triangle down my chest so I could wear low cut dresses. I pull my waistband down so she can also see it continues down past my shorts. The tattoo stops mid thigh, so shorts are still an option. "I guess technically,it's all one tattoo." I grin to her. Nobody else in the cell cares,but it's not something I usually display. For... obvious reasons .

Jayne's eyes rove over my body, lingering on where my nips and kitty reside. I can feel her question coming. "So.....how does...is it?...you know.." she gingerly points to the areas in question.

"There is...like a border of untouched skin around the umm... Good parts." I laugh loudly. This was taking Jaynes mind off being in jail,so I was happy to discuss.

Jayne is quiet for a moment before putting two and two together. Her eyebrows raise and she looks over me again. " You? seriously?! Lemme see if you still have all your fingers! " Jayne snorts with laughter, inspecting my fingers,even tapping one with her nail to ensure it's actually real.

"This finger is still real." I playfully snap and flip Jayne off. She looks horribly offended I did such a thing. Jayne's large eyes make the expression even more humourous. "Think of it as more as an honorary membership. Like....um..a sports team mascot." I say sheepishly.

"Oh." She says softly,swinging her legs under the metal bench we were sitting on.. "Because of jigen?" She asks, continuing the conversation past where I really felt comfortable going.  Sometimes I forget how long I've known Jayne. I've known her back when I was a nobody. Back when I was just Hitomi all the time,erich was William,and karoliena wasn't even in the picture yet. Jayne did know of my brother.

I was quiet for moment.  It was rare I spoke on jigen,and I wasn't about to start today. Especially at 3 am in a cell full of drunks I didn't know. I guess in a roundabout way, Jayne was right. So I sorta nodded. "Something like that." I told her just vaguely enough to be an answer,as well as not invite follow up questions.

Jayne looked around at our fellow holding cell occupants,sizing each one up.  "So does that mean you could take any one in here? " She asks with a small bit of panic in her voice. Jayne was convinced we were seconds away from being violated. People mistake Jayne for being innocent and naive. But she's really anything but. She's merely the product of being raised by an exploitation film director.   Yeah,later she knew it was all fake. But c'mon. Growing up around all that crazy shit? You just know right now Jayne is thinking the worst scenes from any women in prison film. I could read it on her face.

"Like I said earlier,I'll protect you....if you'll do something for me." I joke to her,giving her the most pervy of looks. While Jayne is beautiful,she just isn't my type. It might be because she was kinda bitchy to, well everyone as a teenager. Totally hard to see now. But she was actually kinda snobby and looked down on Erich and I. Later it came out that she just felt left out. So we're thick as thieves now.

Jayne rolls her eyes and sighs. "Fine. Like right here in front of everyone or what? " She says,leaning closer to me. 

I push her back and giggle. "Jayne, I'm fucking with you. Jeez. Nobody is going going to do anything to us. Though it's nice to know I have a ready made prison bitch in you ." I grin.  I lay down on the bench with my head near to Jayne. The bench isn't comfy,but stretching out feels good. The aluminum is insanely cold on your exposed arms. I think the keep it so cold in here to keep germs down. God knows there are plenty of germs to go around.

Jayne pouts after realizing I was joking. It was a relieved pout though. "You're fucking mean. No wonder chaelin was voted sexier than you.she doesn't have that mean streak." She snaps back. That's one thing I love about jayne. She unexpectedly can drop the sweet facade. Plus,hearing her swear is a riot. It reminds me of when my mom could swear. I think maybe I heard my  mom swear about 6 times. Total.

"At least I was in the conversation. Where were you? " I giggle to her , bobbing my foot to a tune in my head.  At this point,I'm totally sure I'll never win an award for sexiness. I'm ok with that. Really.  It just  simply is not in my path to ever be considered a sex symbol.  I'll never be the Japanese Marilyn Monroe.

"I was winning my season of big brother."  Jayne grins at me. Technically she was right. She was the last person anyone saw on TV that season. I think the wiki even officially recognizes her as winner.

"Those two events aren't even close, timewise!" I crack up to Jayne, looking up at her.  She's grinning back. Maybe it's because I'm drunk,but this is actually fun. Maybe jail is As fun as orange is the new black makes it look sometimes.

"Will you two shut the fuck up?  You're annoying as shit!" A voice cuts through our shenanigans. I look over and spot the culprit. Some woman who could be the middle manager for any pointless office.  The sort that looks like her face would shatter if she smiled. Even her hair says,"I'd like to speak to the manager.". It looks like she's with the bachelorette party. She should be happy. A bachelorette party that is so good you all get arrested is something to be proud of.

Jayne instantly quiets down. This makes the woman feel triumphant. At least judging from the smug look on her face as she nods to her little group. "Hey, fuck you." I say loudly over to this tart.   I was going to continue with a real zinger,but before I could do so the woman was standing over Jayne and I.

"What?" The woman demands. She looks like she's never had anyone talk back to her in her life.

"You can be mopey marys all you want over on that side of cell. Over here is the fun side. We're going to have a good time here." I tell her and shoo her away with my hands.

"We don't want any trouble." Jayne adds meekly.

The woman glances from Jayne's face and back to mine. Her shoddily done mascara ringed eyes narrow. She's not having any of our good spirits. Instead of being petrified like Jayne,this lady is angry about her arrest.  I guess for all I know this is her latest DUI and she's being locked up for a long time. "I can see which of you is the Butch one." She sneers.

Jayne looks appalled. Her mouth open slightly as if it takes time for the brain to get the message to her mouth. "I'll have you know I am NOT Butch! " She protests loudly.

"Oh they're going to love you in here." The woman says to Jayne.  I assume the lady has overheard Jayne's fears And is trying to scare her. I'm a little drunk and getting cranky at this whore.

I narrow my eyes up at her and tell her simply,"go away." She didn't deserve more effort than that. And good God, I think she put the mascara on as the cops were stuffing her in the car . It looks awful.

"Lets all be nice. Everybody wants to go home as soon as possible.." Jayne says trying to calm things down . This doesn't go over near as well as Jayne probably hoped. Let's face it. Nobody calms down when someone asks them to.

I guess Jayne reminds the woman of perhaps her daughter in law or the woman her husband left her for. Or someone the woman doesn't like. Or maybe she's just an angry drunk. Nu for some reason ,she pushes Jayne. Jayne, who's very drunk and not expecting it ,topples off the bench and and onto the ground. Through the magic of alcohol,somehow Jayne lands flat on her face...even though she was shoved backwards. Jayne's muffled voice screeches," oh my God,I'm in a prison riot! Don't shank me! Please don't shank me!" She wails and curls up under the bench .

Me? Well I think for a moment about being a good role model for takara. But then i think there are gray areas in being a good role model. We are in jail after all...and my friend did just get disrespected. So,I do want any person in my position would do. Yell," kitty punch!" And uppercut miss manager right in the crotch. Yeah,this is much more effective on men....and with the shooting pain,I'm pretty sure I just broke my hand on her dusty old pelvic bone.

My broken hand was worth it though. The woman gasps and falls back. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!"$" she shrieks at me.
This ends up getting the entire bachelorette party to pounce on me.
Before I know what's happening,I'm being punched and throw this way and that by multiple generations of chiffon clad women . I'm lucky most of them can't fight. But its hurting more than I'd like. Jayne is wedged under the bench by my body. But she helps as much as she can by grabbing any ankles she can and yanking on them.

As you can guess,this isn't a quiet fight.   There is all sorts of yelling and shit. Jayne's ankle offense is pretty successful and  she's got two old women on the ground crying. Over all this chaos,I can hear the door unlocked and several pairs of boots storm in. I hear a loud hiss and feel instant burning in my eyes and nose.  I'd much rather go back to getting my ass kicked. Pepper spray is the worst pain ever. It's like the air itself is on fire and everything exposed ,or attached to a hole on your body...yes even THAT ,burns like hell. Literal hell .

Now,everyone in the cell is screaming in pain. Jayne is now kicking me in the face. I'm pretty sure she's kicking out of sheer pain and not trying to get me in the face.

"Everyone calm the fuck down!" The gruff voice of one of the gustds shouts .I can't tell you what he looks like. I can't bear to open my eyes due to the burning. Even keeping them closed hurts. The tears just act to carry the chemicals around my eyes and down my cheeks. "Wriggle, Kobayashi. You're getting out of here.  See the clerk on the way out."

I hear Jayne sigh angrily,"I'm NEVER going anywhere with you again, Erica!"

* Jayne and I eventually stopped feeling the pepper spray effects....like  2 days later. I indeed had a broken hand and was covered in bruises. By tripping people while hiding under the bench, Jayne broke two elderly women's hips. So ...i got my ass kicked and Jayne seriously injured some Grandmas. in the words of ice cube: today was a good day.

Ooc: not up to snuff, but it exists.

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" Mommy,how can I be a princess without a castle?" Takara's voice pipes up from the back seat of the rented Mercedes. We're visiting karoliena and she'd be offended if we arrived in my fiat.  My skyline is so loud it scares Eris ,so a rental it is. It's a nice enough car. But a little big for my liking. Also,hiring a driver is out. Karoliena doesn't want any outsiders knowing where she lives .... as if there are tons of castles in Belgium. Are there? I dunno. I really only visit karoliena when in here.

"You can be a princess with our house. You're my little princess, taki.' " I tell her while glancing in the rear view mirror at my daughter. I'm probably biased,but she's the most perfect little person in the world.

Taki audibly sighs and looks out the window over the sprawling grounds that make up the Summers' estate. 'i guess I'll have to wait until I go to the prince's ball until I can be a real princess." Taki says to the window. Ok,you little bitch. I think to myself.. seriously if you've never mentally swore at your kid,you haven't been a parent long enough.  Our house is nearly the largest in Osaka. I don't know what more she wants.

"I guess you'll just have to marry cole
. He's the only prince with a castle we know." I suggest to takara,pulling into the garage of the castle. the garage is a separate building from the castle and houses at least 10 vehicles. I can pick out karoliena's Maserati and Cassie's Ferrari....station wagon thing. The rest look old and very....British..I think they were all karoliena's father's. I know I've never heard her mention them. Oddly enough, Erich's Saab is parked outside. He never was one for garages.

"Ew! Princes do NOT fart in dolls,mommy." Taki informs me firmly. She has always had a rather love hate relationship with the older Summers'kids. But,I think the oldest is almost ten. Takara is five. There isn't much in common there.

I nearly fall out of the car laughing when it comes time to get out and open takara's door for her. "Taki,that never happened. Don't be mean." I tell her in my most motherly voice. Taki is a princess,but she's no angel. She has been known to use her cuteness as a way to tell lies about poor Cole

With the door opened,Taki hops out and her feet make little crunching soundsas she walks on the gravel. " He DID mommy. He farted right on piggy pop pop's head. " she stamps her foot and everything. With the concern in her voice...it's safe to say this happened. the girl doesn't play around when it comes to her dolls. Especially piggy pop pop. Which is the ugliest doll I have ever seen. It's clearly a factory defect that has hot pink skin,a smooshed in face and a pig nose. Thus,the name. Takara also keeps her in a little plastic coffin. Because of course,piggy is a vampire. I don't know where Gretchen found piggy,but its probably cursed. I know it's ugly as fuck. Looks like a leper burn victim or something. but takara never goes anywhere without Piggy.  " Cole said piggy smelled soooo bad that no pony would let her ride. Aunt Cassie had to wash her with beech." Taki continues, indignant at the injustice wrecked on poor piggy pop pop. Also,Taki can't say bleach. She always forgets the L. Also,I seriously doubt Cassie used bleach on a kids toy. She probably just sprayed some water on the doll. The woman isn't incompetent.

We walk up to the door of the castle. The grounds are impeccably maintained. It'd be totally unpunk rock if I didn't know karoliena. So I guess I can't call the punk police on her. The property spreads for miles in each direction. We once spent hours looking for jody in the hedge maze. Karoliena greets us at the door. Like the grounds,she looks right out of a magazine . Fucking bitch. Have a bad hair day or have a stain on your shirt or something. No kidding, she ALWAYS looks like she does in Instagram. on tour once, we were drinking all evening and passed out in the bus. Karoliena even passes out perfectly. She looked like she was merely resting. This plays to her image a lot. She does just as many chemicals as Erich. But never lets it show. " Erica. Taki. Lovely to see you." She says warmly to us. She hugs me tightly before scooping up takara and kissing her furiously on the cheeks. (Make up or lipstick still doesn't smudge) takara cackles like mad .

"Aunt Kari!" Takara shrieks and squeals. " I missed you sooooo much."  Takara says in between kisses and returns the gesture to karoliena.  It's so insane if you're ever lucky enough to see karoliena around her children or takara. She is  the warmest,most kind person you will ever see.

"How have you been,miss Kobayashi?"  Karoliena asks my daughter. Heavily emphasising the word have. 

"Fine. I guess. I don't have a castle. So I can't be a princess like you.  Mommy doesn't want me being a princess." Takara pouts...in her most over the top pout.

Karoliena shoots me her dirtiest look. Which even though she's joking...I'm still a little intimidated by.  " Why doesn't my Taki have a castle, Erica?"  Karoliena asks me . Takara is loving this. She looks at me,very satisfied that karoliena is on her side. She loves whenever Karoliena,or anyone really,takes the piss out of me. But especially karoliena.  I think it's Natalya having a bit of fun from beyond the grave.

I cross my arms and shake my head. " Oh I don't know, karoliena. Maybe because there aren't any castles like this in Japan?" I say to karoliena sarcastically.

"Now. I'll never be a princess." Takara whines to karoliena. Karoliena lets takara back down to the ground and straightens her dress.

Karoliena looks around, pursing her lips in thought.her eyes roam the horizon before finally lighting up. " I got it! You can have that castle." Karoliena tells takara, pointing over to the West. She is pointing to a lone tower jutting up above the trees. It looks very much like something Rapunzel would be kept in.

Upon hearing this,takara loses her shit. She giggles and jumps up and down. "Thank you,thank you thank you!" She squeaks and takes off running towards the tower.... easily two miles away.

Karoliena calmly catches Taki by the back of her shirt and restrains her. ' you simply cannot go in yet. It's been cursed by an evil witch." Karoliena tells her dramatically, wiggling her fingers to show the magic. Once you turn 18 ,the curse will be gone ...your majesty." Karoliena says before curtsying and motioning for me do the same.

Takara, satisfied that she has a castle, probably even more so now that it has curse, runs inside and calls for Eris. Eris promptly greets her and the tiny pair run off upsyaits to play. "Ill work on having it restored tomorrow,so that it will be ready for takara to live in." Karoliena calmly says, watching them run off.

Frankly,I'm a little miffed karoliena would do this. I can get my own daughter a castle. I don't need karoliena. " My five year old doesn't need real estate, Karoliena." I say. Probably not hiding the feelings behind the sentence by the way karoliena reacts.

She lightly smacks the back of my head . "Don't be a female dog,Erica..let me indulge in being an aunt. Besides. This formally joins our families now." She say,still smiling at me. When karoliena has her mind made up. She rarely changes it
So,I guess Taki has a castle now.
Also,when at home.anywhere other than the dungeon area, karoliena will not swear. It's not a summers thjngt. Cassie doesn't care. But karoliena will not curse even if there is a possibility the kids are in earshot.

"You know...given the history of Europe towards the east. I gotta say I it feels like colonialism." I joke to karoliena. It's easier just to accept the gift.  Especially now that Taki knows. And trust me. That girl will not forget .

Karoliena just smiles and leads me inside the castle.  " I've thought about it for awhile. I want takara to have the West acreage. It contains the tower and another Manor house . Karoliena explains as we walk into the dining room. Which is everything you expect a castle dining room to be. Mounted animal heads. Suits of armor, multiple fireplaces and table that seats 40. "It's important, Erica." She states with finality that clearly means there are deeper issues at play,and I better not ask about them. Im sure it has something to do with karoliena's family. And I don't mean Cassie and the the children.

"Well...on behalf of takara...um, thanks?" I tell her awkwardly. I mean, where do you go from that? So I try to lighten the mood a bit. " So why two castles? Is that the guest castle?"

Karoliena smiles again and leans against the table. "Sort of. The  tower was to hold Hortensia the 4th. The house contained her guards... ancient house arrest." She grins

Of course there is some craziness behind it. Were there no decent rulers..or did all the mad ones seem to come from karoliena's family? " You think takara is handing out titles for her new kingdom?" I joke to karoliena. " Except for Cole. She's still pissed about the doll thing "

Karoliena cracks up laughing. " Oh my God,yes. Thank goodness I gave Erich the old guillotine. Takara strikes me as a very off with their heads type monarch..." Karoliena pretends to wipe a tear frm her eye. ' Hortensia would be so proud."
Of course karoliena comes from s long line of bloody monarchs. " I've never seen takara so angry as when Cole did that. It was so hard not to laugh at her ." Karoliena says, while laughing and looking towards the upstairs where the kids are playing.
During the....um,not so pleasant first few months of Taki's life, Cassie and karoliena were at the top of the list of who would take her off my hands if I couldn't manage. She would have been in good hands. Almost as good mine.

That does remind me that Erich's car is here. So I ask karoliena," is Erich here,or did you finally pry that car out of his hands?" I chuckle. Erich loved the little Saab. It was interesting,but clearly a car that had a face only a mother could love.

Karoliena nods towards the door to the dungeon area and looks rather pleased. " It's nice to see Gretchen takes company privacy policy seriously. I'll show you what we're working on." She says coyly and unlocks the door to the dungeon and summers time black and blues design studio. Fun dungeon is to the left. Studio to the right. It is true though. I have no idea who Gretchen's clients for custom costume fittings are. It simply isn't discussed. Your kink really is safe at summers time black and blues.

We go down the spiral staircase and take the right hallway. The door the studio looks like any other heavy wooden door in the castle. But the room inside is fairly modern looking and even has a barred window over looking the moat. In the studio,I see Selene, of all people, sitting on a table. She's swinging her legs and watching what probably is the strangest thing she's seen: Erich is standing up while Gretchen holds a large tube around his crotch area.. "celebrity dildos?" I ask karoliena with a raised eyebrow."

"Celebrity dildos." She answers,not even looking at me. "Erich is the first. But we're in talks with Billy Khan." Karoliena says proudly. Im about to ask if there is actually a market for such a thing, when Erich starts.

"You're going to add a bit, right? It'll burn that rat bastard right up if he thinks I've got a baby arm holding an apple." Erich says,with his hands on his hips. Looking rather proud of this situation. Which,I guess how serious could one be with your genitals in plaster of Paris or something. Though this does make me wonder about Selene. How weird is this for her? The wife of your boyfriend's ex wife is holding your boyfriend's Willy in a tube?

Gretchen sighs , almost offended. " No, Erich. I strive for accuracy. There is no way in hell I'm defacing the mold."  She tells him curtly. I love watching Gretchen work. She utterly concentrates on the job at hand and pokes just the tip of her tongue out. Oh she is getting it tonight . Suddenly,Gretchen starts waving her hand at us and furiously pointing at the door. " You and you. OUT."  Gretchen orders karoliena and I. " We're losing it! You..kiss him,flash him,I dunno.do something to him. I will not have this turn out shoddy. I demand maximum hardness!" She commands Selene. Oh I do love bossy Gretchen. She is soooo getting this. Twice.

Karoliena and I end up back outside. We lean against the wall where the hallway splits. I decide to ask karoliena about Erich. She spends far more time with him than most anyone. Selene included. It was so weird seeing her here. I thought she was too good for our misadventures.
"So...how's Erich holding up?" I ask. I figured karoliena would give a real answer. Erich kinda occupies a fantasy world where nothing really effects him...at least until the stage lights turn off.

Karoliena smirks and shrugs. " Well. This is the third time making the mold. The first time,Selene did too good a job arousing him. ..take that as you will. The second time the mold cured too quickly and it cracked. So here's hoping. Thank God I pay Gretchen on commission and not by the hour." Karoliena looks at me. Totally pleased with her wit.

I look at Karoliena with a look that says,"really,bitch?" . She knows damned well what I mean. That article in culture uncut was rather harsh.

Karoliena grins back before actually answering. Even though it ends up being almost as much of a non answer. " Like Erich gives a fuck.you know how he is. Right now he's sitting in a room with two women while one holds his penis . He's very much a in the present kinda guy." Karoliena answers.

I nod. It's not the answer I want. But it's the answer I'm getting. Erich sort of doesn't have any real interest in the day to day normalcies anymore. Life is just for the kicks. Maybe that is why this whole Selene this is working. It's just work and fitting in maximum fun until the next round of  work.

Ooc: rewrote too much of this after I lost the original. So I'ma post it anyway with it's abrupt end and going nowhere. Mainly for the Taki stuff .I want her to be more than s name.

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The hot water swirled around my body as I leaned back in the immense stone tub. It was outside the house proper and looked out over my backyard.Both nakedness and privacy could be had. Carved from a single boulder,it was original to my house. So there was no telling how many asses had been where mine was sitting right now.  It was big enough you could probably fit 4 people ...ok,I DID fit 4 people in it once . but we were really close together. 3 would be comfortable,but not as sexy. The water was so hot That it was almost painful.  Slowly I eased my leg up so that my toes were just breaking the water,the night air hitting them felt as though t were an artic blast. Brrr! Back into th water the toes went. My bedroom light went on for a few moments then off again.

It must be Gretchen. While married, we don't share the same house. Neither of us want to breed that familiarity. At least not yet.  Anything takara related,we do together.  So meals,school functions,and whatnot. Takara also bounces between our two houses ,so she gets to sleep at gretchie's too. ( Gretchen lives next door,so taki can walk there on her own.) it's probably kind of weird, but it works. In practice,we probably only spend two nights a week not sleeping in the same bed.

Miss wheels on her butt,taki ,is with .mariko. Someone informed my sister there is a euro Disney,so off she and taki went. So you know what that means....bow chicka wow wow. Gretchie and I have been exchanging dirty texts and pictures all day.. So I was sooooo looking forward to getting out of this tub and into that bed . speaking of,...I climbed out and quickly toweled off. The air was so cold. It felt like I could start getting frost bite at any minute. I decided to hang the towel up and brave the cold the last few steps into the house.. Naked and with nipples at full mast? I couldn't wait for Gretchen to pounce on me.

Opening the door into my darkened bedroom,I look around for the outline of Gretchen,but don't see her. So I hop in my bed and lay on my side, making sure my hair and breasts are situated just right. Once satisfied with my pose.....I wait....and I wait. Maybe bent over the bed would be a better thing to greet Gretchen with? Nah. I like being forcibly turned over onto my tummy too much. I lay there for a few more moments before picking up the phone . maybe Gretchen wanted one more dirty picture. Ok.I could deliver that! Rollins onto my back,I take the picture: it's relatively g rated. There is no nudity,just my knees wide apart and a caption, "out of the bath,but still wet. Get in here.now." I hit send and play the waiting game.

A few moments later,I hear my front door open and the sound of Gretchen walking to my room. Its dark,but the light from the window reveals her silhouette." someone's looking particularly yummy this evening." she giggles before letting her dress fall to the floor. Gretchen caresses my cheek while getting on the bed. Her body heat is a welcome addition to the room. The heat in my house SUCKS. But with Gretchen there,I cling to her ,absorbing her warmth.

I guide her hand to my kitty and kiss her mouth,lightly biting her bottom lip. "I'm giving free samples to beautiful women named Gretchen whom I'm married to." I giggle up at her.

Gretchen laughs and playfully shrugs. "Thanks. But I really want to browse the melon department." She let's her hair cover face while she kisses my breasts
l I sputter ,trying to get the hair. out of my mouth. Yeah....Gretchen and I can only keep up the porno dialogue for so long.  Mostly we make jokes and giggle during our sexual encounters.

I giggle as nobody would ever call my girls "melons". Maybe a small citrus fruit of some sort,but not melons. "Browse as long as you like." I coo softly to Gretchen. "Be sure to squeeze them for freshness." I moan to her. The kisses turn into little nips on my nips and I am in heaven.

"These two are perfect. I'm taking them with me." Gretchen says before biting again and pulling gently.I run my hand down her back until I reach her butt and back again.

"Pretending to go back home was a nice touch." I compliment her,now tracing a finger between her butt cheekies.I couldn't reach kitty ..yet. " though you missed my sexy pose on the bed." I softly say to her,now running my hand back up to her shoulders.

Gretchen stopped sucking my nipples instantly. "Go back home? Erica.....I was watching you in the tub from my window."  this wasn't New. Gretchen's bathroom window faced my backyard. I regularly would put on little shows if she was watching. Well,if I knew she was watching.

"That light came on for a few minutes,then turned off." I tell her,pointing to my lamp in the corner. I had a multiple million dollar house,but my lamp was from Ikea. Was my house haunted?! Is natalya's ghost really waiting till now to exact her revenge?  No. That's silly.

"Maybe it's faulty wiring or something." Gretchen suggests,hopping out of bed and tapping on the lamp. The lamp remains dark. So she moves on to the light switch,tapping it a few times before turning it on.

The light burns my eyes and I squint at Gretchen. " I don't think being nude is the best way to do electric work!" I laugh to her. She does look a sight,checking all these things will naked. It might be some fetish I don't know of.

"Nonsense. Cavemen electricians beg to differ." Gretchen giggles, now checking to see if the lamp's bulb was loose or something. "Everything seems fine." she surmises and gets back in bed.

Only once in bed,we don't pick up where we left off. We lie on our backs,looking up at the ceiling.. We wait and wait for the lamp to turn on again. But it doesn't. Nor has it ever turned on on its own before. The ghost explanation was much more preferable to the idea that was rearing it's head. "I think we should call the police." Gretchen finally says.


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The humidty of the hot shower made the small hotel bathroom look like it was a room in the clouds. Steaming hot clouds above a volcano. Nothing beats a hot shower after running around all night in new York. It was snowing like crazy outside,but that didnt stop us from hitting the diner after the show. Us being karoliena,cassie,Mariko,and myself. We had a post show snack. Karoliena and cassie went to their hotel,Mariko went to a club. She was in the mood for some action and was on the prowl.  I guess I'm getting old and sort of want my sister to calm down....ok, i am slightly jealous of just being able to get down with anyone. Don't get me wrong,I'd never do that to Gretchen. But a small part of Me misses it. Though i have my suspicions that mariko is meeting someone i know there. She was adamant she would be fine going alone.

So that left me to go back to my hotel alone. Which was fine. I'm a grown ass woman. With a squeaky smudge sound,i attempted to wipe the fog from the mirror. Who doesn't admire themselves naked,fresh out the shower?!  There was no denying it without the makeup and clothes to hide Me: i am fucking cute . ok.ok. that wasn't my first thought. Its actually that im getting old. I may not look my age, but im no longer going to pass as a teenager. Behind closed doors,this bothers me a lot.  People probably would be surprised at how vain i actually am. My choices are aging gracefully,end up having waaaay too much plastic surgery....or death. I'll strongly be considering the third option when it becomes an issue.* 
"Ha! Drama queen,or what ?" i speak softly to my reflection at the thought. I lean close to the mirror and examine my face. "Bleh" i say, sticking out my tongue. " no wonder chaelin beat you for sexiest female."  i giggle and smoosh my breasts together. " if i was ten years younger though? These perky fuckers would have put their collective eyes out!" i tell my reflection defiantly. I still have a few more years before the rumors of leaked nudes of mine are greeted with looks of disgust rather than optimism.
Satisfied,i brush my teeth and wrap myself in a hotel provided bathrobe.. It was cushy green material and so oversized,it made me feel like a toddler wearing their father's clothes. I whip open the bathroom door woth a little whistle. I had a big evening of watching the news and room service planned. They had a bacon cheeseburger i was very interested in. Though i wanted onion rings instead of fries. Im not being sarcastic. i was looking forward to the downtime and i love watching local news when on tour . I like to make up little stories about the anchors in between stories.

I slowed my walk out of the bathroom when i saw the bed's covers were turned down. Oooh,Gretchen was fibbing when she said she had a convention in Kyoto and couldn't come to New York with us. I loosened the bathrobe's belt a little to make it easier for Gretchen to remove. "Oh. I sure hope nobody in here wants to fu-" i start to coo out but i stop cold and step back inside the bathroom. I try to silently close the door and lock it. Of course,i have the loudest god damned door in sll of new York. CLICK-CHUNK. It locks with authority. The sound seems to echo off the walls around me. Whomever turned the bed down...wasn't Gretchen! There was a matching set of underwear laid out on the bed.  They were green...whjch i dont wear. Green looks awful on me. The panties were a thong..which i will not wear. I don't mind things part of,or held by gretchen in my butt. But not my undies. Also,these were clearly store bought. All of my under things come from summers time black and blues . (they will make you comfy things if you ask.)
"Oh my god.Oh my god.Oh my god.Oh my god." i panic softly in the bathroom. The comfortable humidity from before had turned oppressive and heavy.

" Hitomi?" i hear a female voice call from outside the door. Its a voice i so not know.  Desperately i look around the bathroom for my phone to call for help...all that greets me is a brush and perfume. Ugh. All of times for ne not to have sent Gretchen nudes! " fuck!"  i hiss and try to figure out what I'm going to do. I'm 39 floors up.even if there was a window,i couldn't go anywhere. Aside from a hair brush and a plunger,nothing in here would even make a passable weapon. "Come on out,silly.  I have a whole evening planned for us." the voice calls with unnerving cheer and familiarity. They are also speaking Japanese. I only know two people who speak Japanese and use my actual name. Mariko and Gretchen. This isnt their voice. I can feel my heart pounding. Each beat feels  like my eardrums are going to burst from the pressure. I then see the doorknob slightly turning. They are right on the other side of the door! Shit.

" oh i love our little games." the voice almost sings.  " are you the damsel in distress and I'm the strapping young locksmith?" the person then begins humming the mission impossible song and i can hear metallic scraping coming from the  doorknob. Most hotel bathrooms don't have real locks. You can just stick something in them and pop the lock.

I don't get to the door in time to keep the lock pressed down. It pops up with a hollow,springy sound. But i do press my back to the door and brace myself against the toilet with my feet. The intruder tries shoving it open several times. " get out!" i roar over my shoulder at this person.  It was either that or just a wordless scream. Its amazing how your brain stops working when you are probably in life threatening danger.

The shoving on the door becomes more intense. I can feel it bending and cracking behind me. Looking up,i can see light coming through the top right corner between the door and frame. With each shove of the door,my feet slip upwards on the rim of the toilet. Soon they will slip all the way off and I'll be truly fucked. "Let me in,Hitomi!  I came all the way from Japan for you. Let me in!" the voice cries. Now far more intense than familiar.

"I don't even know you! Get out!" i scream at this woman.  The adrenaline has my body positively vibrating....or im quivering with fear. I really couldn't say which. But i do know i have never been this scared in my life.

Now the shoving feels like the person is near ramming the door with their shoulder. ' YES. YOU. DO. YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME! June 6th. 2014. You signed my shirt: love,erica hess.  DON'T.PLAY. STUPID !" she bellows and is now kicking the door. I can hear the cheap wood cracking and i was able to look behind me,i'd see it cracking.

" i sign everything like that!" i explain. Now this probably isnt the best thing to say when confronted by a disturbed person. But I'm a musician,not a hostage negotiator. It was true though. I sign everything. "Love,Hitomi/Erica Hess." its a habit I've  had since i was a tiny kid.

The top half of the door breaks off and clatters to the bathroom floor. The relative cold air of the room gushes into the bathroom. The woman's hand reaches through and grabs my hair. "Oh my god. Its so soft. " she says as if she is complimenting her best friend instead of breaking down a door seconds before. Now she pulls. Hard.. The angle of the door breaking offers fantastic leverage for my assailant. The force bends my neck and head backwards so its now outside the bathroow. The broken wood is cutting into the back of my head. But my pain is nothing compared to the fear of finally seeing the intruder.

Other than currently making me think i am about to die,shes just a normal looking woman. Early 20's maybe. She has blonde hair and blue eyes as far as i can tell. " oh,Hitomi. Its so great to finally see you." she giggles and leans close to me. At first i think she is just smelling me. Weird,but it'd make sense after the hair comment. But no...she kisses me.

I always assumed if put in this situation,I'd deck the person...but i don't. I just freeze. I don't bite her tongue when it enters my mouth snd touches my own. I don't even respond when she reaches inside my bathrobe and gropes my chest. It doesn't feel like its exactly my body that its happening to. It feels like when a body part is asleep. She stops and glares into my eyes. "Why arent you into it? " she genuinely asks.

The speech shakes me from my initial shock of what was happening to me.. "Get off of me!" i scream,aghast. I pull free from her grasp on my hair. This causes me to give up my blocking the door from opening,but gives me more options on what to do.

She pushes the broken half of the door in and enters the bathroom. She remains standing in the doorway,blocking my escape. " i did this for you,Hitomi. YOU!!!" she screams,pointing to herself. "The boobs. The hair.the lips. YOU! I know what you like..and you tell me to get off of you?!" she says loudly,stepping towards me. Briefly taking my eyes from her face and hands,she indeed looks like my ex and current wives...if the only feature you paid attention to was their hair and chest. "No.  You said you loved me! Now love me!" she yells,jumping towards me.

I half catch her around the shoulders,but the momentum carries us into and through the glass shower enclosure . the tempered glass shatters and i land on a lot of the tiny cubes of glass.the woman is on top of me and we're wrestling around in the shower. It doesn't take long before the porcelain is pink with mostly my blood. The curvature of the shower floor combined with her weight on top of me pins my arms and  hands against the tub. The glass keeps digging into my back . all i can do is scream and weakly kick this woman.  " get off me,you crazy bitch." i spat and grab a handful of glass cubes and rub it in her face with my hands. If either of us has bloodborne pathogens,we both have them now.

I guess she wasn't expecting that and grabs for her face. This and the smeared blood in the tub lets me slip out from under her . "Hitomi,why are you being like this?" she wails from the tub while i crawl across the floor and towards the room proper.  The expanse of the room was a welcome change after the tiny bathroom. I scramble to my feet and make my way to the door. The room is fairly small,so it's not like i have to run across a penthouse or anything.

Before i can get the door open,it bursts open in its own with the terrifyingly loud, "police!" being yelled by probably two officers. But with their winter coats and my nerves,it looked like an entire battalion shoving into the room. However many is in a battalion. I assume it's more than 2. I guess our thrashing and smashing around alerted people in the adjoining rooms and someone called the cops. I drop to the floor as you're apt to do when having guns pointed at you.

"She's crazy! She attacked me!" i say while still laying face down on the floor and pointing to where i think the bathroom is.. I dont even want to think about how much dried sperm is on this carpet right now. One of the officers grabs my arm and lifts me to my feet. Rougher than I'd like,i might add.

The other officer has the woman in the bathroom where she is sitting on the tub. "It's just a lover's spat thag got out of hand. That's all." she says. In a not very convincing tone.

"Spat." he says,glancing around at the glass,blood,and broken door and not sounding impressed.

"I dont even know her!" i shriek and point at her. " i get out of the shower and boom! she's in my room!" i say,suddenly aware that my bathrobe is probably far more open than I'd like. I rearrange it and tighten the belt.

"Hitomi! Stop being dramatic." she laughs. Again ,far more familiar than is comfortable. The officers seem to exchange glances that seem to lean towards taking us both in and working it out at the station.

The officer nearest to me gestures for me to sit on the bed. I sigh and take a seat. The gravity of the situation is starting to dawn on me and i can barely hold back the tears.i could have died.who knows what this woman would have done to me? " who's room is this?" the cop asks with his pen and pad in hand. I meekly raise my hand.

"No. Its ours! " the woman says,a little louder than normal speaking voice.

"No! It's mine and mine alone. Check the front desk.check the lobby cameras or whatever i don't know this crazy woman." i say,standing up from the bed and pointing at her." look at the door,the room..look at Me!"  the officer gently,but firmly sits me back down on the bed.

"I wouldn't have had to hurt you,if you just loved me like you said!." she says angrily. This seems to kick the cops into action and the one nearest her starts putting the cuffs on anf doing the speech that police do on tv. You know,the right to remain silent and all that. I turn away when she is lead out of the room. I don't want to see her. It'll be hard enough forgetting her face.

The officer and the woman leave and its just me and the other cop in the remains of my room. He looks around and lifts the blanket slightly off the floor with his foot. " miss...." he starts out,waiting for me to state my name.

"Hess..i mean,kobayashi" i nervously say. I'm fiddling with my bathrobe.i just want this to be over so i can try to sleep. I'm suddenly exhausted and just want to sleep.

"Well,which is it?" he asks,sounding slightly annoyed. He taps the pen on the paper. Gotta love american cops. Even as a victim they can make you feel like a criminal.

"Sorry. Im an entertainer. Erica Hess is my stage name. Hitomi kobayashi is my legal name." i explain looking down at the carpet. I just want this ti be over. They have the crazy woman. Leave me be.

"Oh!. I'm sorry." the officer says,slightly more respectful this time. " i didn't recognize you. We..that is,my family saw the cassettes two nights ago . " he clears his throat before getting back to business. " ok,miss hess. We're going to get you checked out at the emegency room. Pictures of your injuries will be taken. From there we'll get an official statement fron you as to what happened. Detectives will collect evidence from the room......so I'm going to write very intently in my notebook for five minutes or until the paramedics arrive. Very intently and won't see what you are doing." he says,looking down at his notebook.

It's an odd thing to say to someone. I turn my head to the side like a confused dog. Then it hits me just what he is suggesting. "No." i laugh weakly." that won't be necessary ". Since we're doing proper venues and Christmas music for the cass-ettes, we're all fairly clean.

*Fun fact: the original ending for the story of Erica had her committing suicide after her body is ravaged by cancer and its treatment. Now,she will live happily ever after with Gretchen.

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The last fan had their picture and we were off to the next stop. No hotel stays this go round. We had a long road ahead of us.so it was tour bus time!!! Our bus rental was a nice one. Two full beds and a couple of bunks. The sleeping area was tight, but it wasnt like we weren't all...intimately known to each other. Though i am fairly certain cassie and mariko have never. ...You know.

In fact,as soon as the bus door shuts,i wriggle out of my dress.""oh thank fuck. " i say in relief. The sequin material of the dress is very rough on my wounds. It'd been a few days since the attack but some parts of me were still tender. Mainly right above my butt,which so happens to be where the dress is cut to.

"If i had a dollar for each time I've seen my sister's tits...." mariko says with a shake of her head.

" you dont have to look. " i laugh back to her. It still hurts to laugh,but im a giggly person. So Im going to have to deal with the pain. " shirts hurt my cuts. Its not like i have Gretchen sucking on them."

"Yet." Gretchen adds,wiggling her eyebrows.

Mariko retorts with,"and you could get some pasties. I dont like that the only breasts i see on this bus , are morally gross to check out." mariko playfully snaps while opening a bottle of water.

Karoliena and cassie watch this exchange with wide grins. This tour is really the first time they've sesn my sister and i interact for more than a little bit. We seem to be very entertaining to them. It's nice to have spirits back to normal.. more or less. "Mariko. Come help us microwave the leftover Chinese." cassie almost commands. I get the distinct feeling Gretchen and i are being left alone for a reason. How many people are needed to warm up two containers of sweet and sour pork?

Everyone else goes to the ting kitchen area and gretchen takes me to the back of the bus. "Lay." she tries to command. But her voice is too soft to be commanding. So i mill around for a bit. "Schnell!!" she says loudly in German and i scramble to lay on the bed so she can clean my cuts. It's silly,but it'd become our little nightly ritual. The bed wasn't very soft. But it smelled clean. Gretchen set out the gauze and hydrogen peroxide and sat cross legged on the bed. " is it any better?" she asks,inspecting some of the deeper wounds on me

"Not really." i tell her over my shoulder. "It constantly stings." i softly say and slide my undies down. Yes...i got glass in my ass.ha. ha. Ok.it IS kind of funny in a juvenile way.

Gretchen dabs the gauze with peroxide and starts at my shoulders to clean all the little cuts. "This may feel cold " she says before starting. Things are oddly quiet as she does this. There seems to be something on her mind or something. Every now and then i get the feeling that everyone here knows something i don't.

"Gretchen...what's going on?" i ask bluntly.

She stops what she is doing for a moment and caps the bottle of hydrogen peroxide. "She was going to kill you,Erica." she states flatly.

"No.if not for the shower door bejng made of glass,i'd be fine." i tell her reassuringly and grab her toe to squeeze.

"Quit downplaying this!" Gretchen says far louder and firmer than I've ever heard her sound. In cosmic comedic timing,the microwave bell dings after she speaks. Ooh the food does smell good too. "I read the police report. I know she was hiding in our house for god knows how long.
Joshua grimmie has a good idea.i...i want security." Gretchen says in an almost unsure, but slightly demanding tone.

Gretchen was with me during my budding friendship with joshua grimmie. It was sweet of him to check on me.lord,i hope he knows the collective Hess clan only goofs on him because we find him endearing. I would never seriously ask him about the pee thing. Even though i can say ive tried it! Not a fan. I gotta say. Not a fan. I didn't like the idea of having security in my life. I don't want someone being privvy to what i do. " security? Gretch,we'll be fine. It's just one crazy and she's going to be put away." i tell Gretchen soothingly.

Gretchen bites her lip in thought before taking a small breath. " Erica. You,of all people know what its like to be a widow. I'm not ready for that . like it or not,you aren't 16 and playing to 10 of your drinking buddies anymore! You are in the public eye. People are going to want to hurt you..me...takara." Gretchen says evenly. But the impact isn't lessened. Gretchen went...there.

I turn my head slightly away briefly and then back again. I didn't want to seem overly dramatic over what happened. Gretchen brought out the big gun though.she wouldn't have taken things that far if she wasn't truly frightened..deep down, i knew i was too. It was the helpless feeling all over again. That night very well could have been my last moments...i feel the warmth of the tears starting to flow. I pressed my face into the pillow so my sobs were silent. Though if there was anyone i could cry in front of,they were on this bus. " we'll hire someone and get security for the house." i say hoarsely. It felt like failure to admit this. But i guess bad ass brownie points arent awarded if you're dead. As i cry,Gretchen softly rubs the least cut up area of my back.

Gretchen sighed a sigh of relief that i was on board. "Good...good. I may have already hired someone. They are following the bus as we speak. We wont even know they are around unless we need them.promise." she says quietly. Well,i guess that's why i felt like everyone knew something i didnt. She continues with," Karoliena wants us to to stay with her for awhile. At least until things settle down."

This didn't sit well with me.i know it comes from a good place,but i swear sometimes Karoliena treats me like shes my mother. "Absolutely not. We can take care of ourselves. It cannot take that long to install a security system in our house. " i say firmly.

"God dammit,Erica." Gretchen says loudly and sighing in frustration. " quit being so stubborn." she says angrily.

" i don't need Karoliena's help!" i fire back. Its rare Gretchen and i have intense disagreements,so this is about as close as it gets.

"You need to pull your head out of your ass and accept help." Gretchen states,even making a popping sound with her mouth to simulate the sound of a head popping out of a butt. " it's amazing anyone wants to help you. I have never known someone so stubborn."

" im not stubborn.i have my pride and don't need hand outs from karoliena." i say defiantly.it does sort of dawn on me that maybe i do see Karoliena as a sort of mother figure. I used to think my concern with how she saw Me stemmed from jealousy of her intense wealth...but no. I can buy anything i want. I have a stable life now...i guess i dont want to disappoint her. I know Karoliena used to look down on me and i think i eventually earned her respect i dont want to lose that.

"Is your pride worth my being scared out of my wits? If you won't admit it, i will. I'm petrified.I don't want to go back to that house.not yet. Maybe not ever.. " Gretchen says with finality. "We won't even have to stay in Karoliena's house. Takara's castle is ready and i just know she will love being in it." Gretchen says tiredly,rubbing her eyes.

"But what about Christmas dinner with mariko?" i ask in my final attempt to weasel out of going to castle summers...or,i guess castle kobayashi. Gretchen is right about how much Takara will love being in her castle. But Christmas dinner with Mariko is very important. Most people don't know that Nina T's standing Mariko up for Christmas kfc is what kicked off her fling with vara.

" i already have a guest." Mariko's voice pipes up from the front of the bus. This is quickly followed by an "oof!" from what i assume is someone,probably cassie,elbowing her. This also confirms that this was planned as some sort of intervention or something. Well...not that Gretchen and i were exactly quiet.

Gretchen lays down beside me on the small bed. We are quiet for a few moments in the come down from our tiff. Gretchen swallows slightly before speaking. " you are the damnedst creature,Erica. From now on,just say "why yes,Gretchen. That is a wonderful idea." it'd save a lot of trouble." she laughs softly and looks up at the dark blue of the bus ceiling. It has lots of tiny leds to simulate stars.which is actually a nice touch

"Yeah...i guess." i say softly,still on my stomach. It hurts too much to lay on my back.

She taps my foot with hers and says " noooo.what are you supposed to say?" she says this in the tone of a mother corrected a kid for taking a bow after a loud fart instead of saying excuse me.

I roll my eyes and sigh dramatically. " why yes,Gretchen. That is a wonderful idea." i tell her as blankly as i can. It does make me laugh a little Though. She was right though. It would make things easier.

Gretchen nods with satisfaction and. Leans close to me. She whispers softly to me," it'll also save you from all the times you're going to have to make me scream into this pillow "she says, completely business like. While the idea of make up sex is great, its a little cramped on this bus...namely with all the people on it.

"Gretchen!" i say,moving my head back towards the door.

She wags her finger and shakes her head. " that doesn't sound like what you're supposed to say to my suggestions." she quips.

" why yes,Gretchen. That's a wonderful idea....later " i laugh.

Gretchen smiles at the led stars. " it'll be great in Belgium. You'll see." she says happily and closes her eyes. It is amazing the emotional energy arguing takes. Nap first , intense but silent make up sex later.

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Ooc: was written and lost over 5 times. Forgive if it doesnt exactly flow right. I wanted some Erica and karoliena out there.

Castles and other Belgian delights.

The queen's tower was the proper name of what has become castle kobayashi. It was far more castle than it was tower. In fact,it was all castle as far as I'm concerned. It's like the Tower of London, which looks like a castle to me. Though,according to nina ,the thing I think of as the Tower of London is actually named the white tower . The entire complex is called the Tower of London.... I think. I don't know, I was only half listening.

I'm currently sitting outside and looking over our hedge maze. It's fairly early morning and fog is hanging over most of what I can see. Takara is out with Cassie and the kids. They're brushing horses or something. Taki loves the things. I can't stand being around them. Fucking things always try to bite me. Perhaps I smell like carrots? I'm in mid sniff of my shirt when Gretchen walks up. " um...hi. " I giggle up at her.

Gretchen looks at me and raises an eyebrow. I feel goofy enough being caught like this,so I'll be damned if I'm volunteering to say just what I'm doing. "Um...morning?" She giggles at me before leaning on the little table I'm sitting at. It's one of those shabby chic wrought iron patio sets. We brought it back from out American tour with the cass-ettes. The thing weighs a ton but looks so pretty.

"Morning!" I grin,looking up at her. She was on her way to castle summers to catch up on work. Due to the cass-ettes tour,summers time black and blues had a fairly large backlog. But customers would either accept the delay or ...they'll accept the delay. Such is the situation when dealing with artisan products

Gretchen leans over to kiss me,but stops short . She is mere millimeters from my face and a smile spreads on her face. "I'm not going to ask what you were doing. But if you tell me,you get a smooch." She says in her best bribing tone. She certainly knows how to motivate me.

"I was smelling myself. Do I smell like carrots to you?" I tell her and lean in for my kiss. Which Gretchen happily gives. She still tasted like the last thing she drank,which was some sort of fruity juice. This only made the kiss better.

"Why would you smell like carrots?!" She asks quizzically before sitting on my lap to face me. This probably looks funny to any onlookers since she is easily a foot taller than me. "Am I not giving you enough? Are you really taking to fucking the produce? Hell,I can bring home toys from work for you. You know karoliena likes our input " she says in mock concern. She strokes my hair to calm my imagined hysteria. " we have green devices. If you are really environmentally conscious." She adds before cracking up.

I cross my arms and look up at her with my face that says,"really,bitch?" . I adore Gretchen. She is sooooooo much the piece of my life that was missing. " I fucking love you." I say softly to her. " the horses always try to bite me. There must be some reason. They like carrots,right?" I explain to Gretchen

Gretchen gets far more comfortable on my lap and wraps her arms around my shoulders." Aww. I love you too." She happily replies and we exchange little kisses on lips and cheeks. " you don't seem to smell like carrots to me. But I'm not a horse. I'm just hung like one." She giggles. She then flops her arm all over my face while trying to put her hand in my mouth. It's so vile,yet so god damned funny. We're both splitting our sides with laughter and trying to succeed or avoid pretend oral copulation with an imagined horse penis. It's a good thing these chairs are so heavy. If they weren't, we'd surely topple from all our thrashing.
I'm trying to screech for Gretchen to stop,but as soon as I open my mouth? At least two of her fingers shoot inside my mouth. It's hard to laugh ,not get a hand in my throat,or bite Gretchen . We tussle about like this for several minutes.

"If you want to trade your hand for your kitty,I won't avoid that." I say,looking up at Gretchen. Honestly,nothing gets me going quicker than stupid goofing around like this. I forgot who said it,but whomever said that line about truly knowing people through play,that's someone i can agree with.

"Oooh. I'd love to take you up on that. You do have a lot of licking left to do after being an idiot. But,I see karoliena's car coming." Gretchen says in disappointment. She kisses the tip of my nose and stands back up. The argument with Gretchen on the bus wasnt my finest moment. But I think we eventually at least understood the others posisition. You can guess who's opinion won out since we are in Belgium and not Japan. But Gretchen was right and I was wrong. At least she's cute about it and pretends I'm her sex slave as penance.

"Damn her." I say under my breath. Not only because she interrupted Gretchen and I ,but because she's the reason I had to swallow my pride and come here. Yeah. I know. I sound like the worst person alive complaining about being able to live in a huge castle and having property measured in square kilometers at our disposal.

"You know I was going to work anyway. Keep that lust burning though. I'll need some inspiration later." Gretchen says with a wink. I usually like instant gratification,but there is something to be said for letting the fires burn. Plus...it's rather fun to go at it in her studio. If your summers time black and blues items could speak? They'd probably tell you they saw us naked.

Karoliena's car pulls up nearby. The castle has a driveway that encircles a fountain . The fountain is pretty creepy actually. It depicts damned souls reaching for heaven. It was originally placed here to needle the imprisoned mad Agnes or whatever the fuck karoliena's relative was named . Karoliena's car for driving around the estate is surprisingly low rent... One of those little BMW electric cars. I get the idea of not wanting to waste gas puttering between our homes. (It's a ten kilometer drive) but I thought she'd spring for a tesla. But nope. It's a little hatchback which is odd. And it's a BMW. Karoliena hates German cars. Karoliena parks next to my skyline. Which I guess shows how serious I was about this move. I actually brought my own car over. Karoliena steps out and walks up to us. She's all smiles and looks perfect as always. She's wearing some grey Sherlock Holmes coat. Anyone else would look stupid in it. Karoliena looks elegant. "Good morning. " she says sweetly,looking to Gretchen and I.

We greet her as if we weren't just....horsing around. Hahaha,I kill me. " good morning ,miss summers" we tell her in unison like we're a class greeting a teacher. karoliena walks up and takes the seat across from me. She then places an old picnic basket like in the cartoons on the table.

"Take the car,Gretchen. We'll be up soon" karoliena says politely,yet slightly intimidating. Which seemed to be her default tone. Though there was something in the air that felt like she and Gretchen knew something I didnt. Gretchen didnt even really audibly respond. She just sort of Scooted out of there and into the car. The little car silently drove off and left karoliena and I alone.
Sitting there awkwardly with karoliena really drove home how far away from everything we were. Other than birds and the fading sound of tires on gravel,it was silent . "You and I need to talk." Karoliena finally says.

I'm not even in a relationship with the woman,but I instantly feel a sinking feeling. I was alone,I couldn't really run away. It suddenly felt very hot and the castle walls were frighteningly close. Karoliena wanted to talk?! She and I don't talk. To my knowledge only Cassie "talks" to karoliena. "Um yeah..sure. What about?" I ask,putting on my brave face.

Karoliena audibly skickers and opens her picnic basket. " relax. It's nothing bad. It's just some things I think we both need to say. I made hot chocolate. Nothing is bad if hot chocolate is involved." She says warmly. She places two silver cups on the table and fill them with an ornate silver pitcher. The hot chocolate steams when the cold air touches it. It smells delicious and looks just the right thickness. " i think we both know each other well enough to know if we're lying. So lets not." She grins. Though I can't help but feel its the grin of a cat looking at a mouse.

I try to wrap my head around what she is saying. I pick up the cup and feel its warmth. It is so soothing. I adore hot chocolate and I wonder if karoliena knows this,or is it just chance? I'm assuming she wants to talk about why I didnt want to move here. We hadnt actually seen karoliena until now. I guess she was giving us space and time to adjust. But still,it was a conversation I wished to avoid. " thanks ,this smells splendid." I compliment her before taking a sip. I live in a castle,so I am pretty sure I'm obliged to use words like " splendid". When I finally do take a sip,it's like suckling from the teat of Zeus himself. I'm pretty sure I audibly moaned with pleasure. Maybe there is something to Belgium and its fame for chocolate. " I think I need a cigarette. I'm pretty sure I just came." I giggle to her.

Karoliena's arched eyebrow can be seen over her cup and the corners of her mouth slightly turn up. " I'm rather used to it. It takes at least 3 cups for me. I'm insatiable that way." She laughs after setting her cup down on the table. She seems pleasant enough. Karoliena is the type of person where you know if she is upset with you. She traces her finger on the edge of the table before speaking."so. How do you like it?" She asks gesturing to the castle and its grounds. The top of karoliena's castle can just be seen over the tops of the trees in the distance.

I take another sip of this fantastic hot chocolate. I am going to have o get some more from karoliena. Gretchen and taki have to try this. " Takara loves it. She's a real princess now. She has her buddies Gia and eris. She couldn't be happier." I answer brightly. It was true too. In Japan,Takara was a lonely child. I don't know if the circumstances behind her birth was a factor,my profession and reputation,the two moms thing, or Takara just didnt make friends easily. She's always been more comfortable around adults. Which is strange because she isn't exactly mature for her age. But here. Here she had Gia and eris. Jody was too old to really play with and cole had been banished from her lands for crimes against piggy pop pop. Luckily,Takara doesn't know the ax hanging over the formal dining room's fireplace is for chopping people and not wood.

Karoliena merely smiles weakly and speaks into her cup," I know that. That is not what I asked." She says,almost curtly. " I want to know how hitomi kobayashi likes it here." She says with a smirk. Clearly trying to curtail any verbal wrangling I could do to get out of answering. Also,it was weird as hell to hear karoliena use my actual name. I do believe this is the first time she has ever used it.

I think a moment before speaking. If I keep avoiding her questions,I'll probably just piss her off. So,biting the bullet...I answer. I sigh and shake the cup slightly to swish the liquid around. This is not going to be an easy conversation. " um...it's beautiful. It really is. But..I don't like it. It's obscene. Everything for as far as we can see is yours. We have maids,karoliena. Maids!" I say getting worked up at it all. The whine of a security jeep in the distance echoes over the expanse of the front lawn to further prove my point. "And there is a small army around." I add.

Karoliena listens and nods with understanding. She takes a small breath before she speaks. " Erica." She starts as if she is addressing an errant child. This doesn't sit well with me at all. I cross my arms as she speaks. " everything you can see is ours. not mine. ours. Erica. How did your home in Japan compare to the homes around it? It wasnt exactly a cramped studio apartment,was it? I seem to remember it being rather palatial in its own right. The scale is slightly bigger now. But your home in Japan was excessive as well. As for the maids? They're maids. They aren't slaves. I pay them excessively well. Are you going to,or even able to clean the entire house? No. " she answers calmly. "You have to have some practicality when living in a building this large. "She smirks. Oh she is a cut up when she wants to be. The quip serves its purpose though. I laugh and don't bristle at her.

Ok. Maybe karoliena brings up very good points. Our home in Japan was huge. Even more so when compared to everything around it. And yeah,there was no way two people could keep this place clean. Just keeping dust off things would be a chore. Still,it feels wrong to live like this. What is it teaching taki? That its ok to live like royalty even though we did nothing to deserve it? Hmmm. Just like real royalty,I guess. " it feels like I should have a button that releases hounds." I pout.

Karoliena smiles again and leans back in her chair. " there's no button,silly. There was a cord with a bell. But it was taken out in 1789." She says this in a tone that implies her sentence should end with "duh" ,but she's too elegant for that word. Karoliena looks at me like she isn't getting the answers she wants,so she looks off in the distance before speaking. " you know why I gave this to taki?" She asks,still looking past my shoulder at something far behind me.

The bit about the cord does make me giggle. Karoliena can be really funny is she allows herself to be. Hers is more of a dry sort of humor compared to the zaniness of erich or myself. I think about her question and it doesn't really make sense. " um...because Takara wanted a castle like you?" I answer,not really understanding what karoliena is trying to get at.

"No." Karoliena says before turning back to face me. " I knew you wouldn't accept it." She says in a tone I've never heard karoliena use..hurt. It's shocking to see this emotion in karoliena. There is a running joke that she is a vampire since she never looks disheveled,or bothered,or even affected by the same plane of existence that we are all on.

I nod in agreement. " you're right. I would not." I state flatly. I know karoliena will want more out of me than that. She'll want a reason. I don't really want to say,Because it laughs me in not exactly a good light. I sit and look up to karoliena. She merely motions with her hand for me to continue.

"I'm not asking,Erica. If I have to drag everything out of you,I'll drag you behind the car when Gretchen comes back." She smiles at me. The thing is: I'm not sure if she is kidding. Karoliena stands up and takes my hand. " come. We'll walk as we talk." We start walking on the gravel path that leads away from the castle and out towards the carriage house. Who knows where the path goes from there.

It is as tranquil as it is cold out here. I imagine this is what Siberia feels like...ok,it isn't THAT cold. I'm quiet as we walk ,thinking about how to word what I'm going to say to karoliena. " I wouldn't take it because I don't need your help. I'm not the Fuck up I used to be.i don't need you coming to my rescue anymore. I'm more than capable of taking care of myself,taki,and Gretchen."
Say ,sounding far meaner than I wanted. But it was the best way of putting it. I held on to a lot of bitterness over karoliena and Cassie planning to take Takara if I couldn't handle it. On one hand,I'm thankful they would. But the other hand..my ego . And that hand is much larger and carries brass knuckles.

Karoliena doesn't seem to take it as being mean at all. Instead,she smiles again before looking at me. " I know. I wouldn't give this to you if you were. " she says as we walk. I have to trot to keep up with karoliena due to my much shorter legs. I don't think people appreciate the effort short people have to exert just to keep up with people walking.

" appreciated. But I really don't need charity,karoliena." I say softly. I am not enjoying this and would very much like to get away. I don't want a soul baring conversation with karoliena. My damaged pride is welling up and feeling very challenged by karoliena.

"Charity is a hot meal and 20 euros." Karoliena quips. She is silent as we walk. The day is getting later so there are more birds chirping now. The fog isn't lifting though. It is possible it's actually snow falling but melting before it hits the ground. I think we both have a lot of things we want to say,but can't or won't. Having a honest conversation can be far more difficult than imagined.

I can see us walking around until whatever this is is solved between us. So I decide to just go for it. I doubt we'll everywhere this chance again to speak so openly. " sometimes I think that you think you're better than me. " I blurt out. It felt good to finally say. I've been holding on to it for years. " by giving all of ...this to me. You can lord it over me . " I say ,this time meaning to be as bitter as I sound.

Karoliena tosses her head back and forth in thought before speaking. " at one time I thought that.sure. Then you got your shit together and stopped acting like a stupid little girl. " she laughs slightly before adding,"well,most of the time"

It wasnt really the reply I was expecting. I was thinking karoliena would take great offense. But no...she agreed she did. "Oh...well then I'm glad I got that off my chest...hey,wait a minute. What do you mean most of the times?" I ask in an overly dramatic cartoon way. It was a cliche joke,but I was taking it.

Karoliena chuckles at the silly line and its delivery. But she does answer my question. " well most recently? the argument with Gretchen on the bus. Come on,you had to know she was right. But your pride wouldn't allow you to admit it. " she crosses her Arms and looks at me. I sheepishly nod in agreement. If we weren't safe here...well,we weren't safe anywhere. It's silly to pretend not to agree. Especially now that we're living here. We walk a bit more before karoliena speaks again. "You know. I appreciate your rivalry with me. Even if it is mostly one sided. My own sister and I stopped speaking before I even met you. She and I never had any sort of relationship. Even as children." Karoliena says in a way that doesn't really imply she wants that with her sister. But perhaps wanted to experience it with me. at least in small doses.

It was rare to hear karoliena even mention her sister,or any of her bloodline really. I only met her family one time. Even then,I think karoliena only brought erich and I along to piss them off. Well... We naturally,we were all on a myriad of chemicals at the time. And it showed. So yeah,probably not the best time to bring friends home. Karoliena's mother had the same sort of being unaffected by the world thing that karoliena has,but it seemed far more rooted in bitterness than karoliena's persona is. Her father seemed like every film character that depicts the devil as a man in a suit. He was definitely karoliena's father. The two look very much alike. Karolien,karoliena's twin sister was far more vocal in her displeasure. She had security escort us from their property. That included her own sister. So yeah,I guess it's safe to say there is some static there.. Karoliena's sister is Identical in appearance. But doesn't do the whole vintage look that karoliena has. Unlike my sister and I. Who look nothing alike. But that's to be expected. She isn't really my sister. Biologically,Mariko is my niece. We were raised as sisters though,and we do share the same birthday. However,Mariko is five years younger than I am. But that's another story for another time. "So what you're saying is I'm the hot,younger step sister you always wanted?" I giggle to her,making sure it sounds just as pornographic as I can. Hey,she knows that Wednesday night is orgy night.

Karoliena smiles and nods. "Well,in less salacious way,yes. " she says seriously. "This land is my birthright. And...well,I really don't know how to show affection. This..this is the most important thing I can give."she says quietly and looking down. "Look. Just tell me you accept it. Make this easier for both of us." She says with a smirk. I think karoliena had reached her limit for talking about herself.

"You didnt disagree with the hot part. So I'm accepting THAT as well. You think I'm hot!" I sing in a teasing way and hop around in a circle . Karoliena appreciates the lightening up of the conversation. She crosses her arms and smiles as I circle around her. In a flash she shoots a foot out and trips me. I tumble over and land In a heap,face down in the grass.

Instantly,Karoliena's foot steps on my butt,pinning me to the ground. "The YOUNGER sister. Don't forget who the big sister is." She says down to me. The thing is...she isn't lightly stepping on me. I probably couldn't get up if I tried. " so. You accept my gift with no reservations, we never reference this conversation again,and you take Gretchen out for dinner tonight. She wants fondue." She says down to me. It's stated as a question,but doesn't sound like.

I giggle and nod. " yes. I accept and thank you. Agreed . ...and what the fuck?" I ask,rattling off the answers to her demands. I was with her until the Gretchen bit. What did that have to do with anything?!

" she asked me to throw that in." Karoliena smiles and lets me up,finally. I jump to my feet and brush myself off. Karoliena starts walking again and I catch up with her shortly after. I get the distinct feeling this entire awkward conversation was Gretchen's idea. She has told me a few times that karoliena thinks highly of me.

"How much Do you guys talk!?" I ask with a raised eyebrow. I never gave it much thought . But I guess working together would give them ample time to talk about their lives.

"Oh lots. She's far easier to talk to than you." Karoliena says simply and keeps walking.

I don't disagree. Gretchen is easy to speak to. Lord knows she keeps me on an even keel. She's a good egg. We are quiet as we walk on a path that curves back towards the castle. It's lined on both sides by tall and straight trees. It's beautiful and hard to believe its real. And I could walk here anytime. The weight of what karoliena has said starts to set in. While karoliena is very ...well,CAN be very likable. She likes very few people in return. She merely tolerates most people. Nina? Karoliena would happily never speak to. Mariko? She's friendlier to. But still mostly indifferent to. To my knowledge,it's only Cassie,myself,Gretchen ,and erich as far as people she genuinely likes. How karoliena feels does make sense. She always has been sort of my big sister. When I was younger,she was cruel and I thought she really didnt like me..but we grew to be very close. Even if I didnt realize it consciously. We are still walking in silence when the security jeep rounds the bend and karoliena waves it down. I figure it's now or never to ask karoliena something I've always wanted to." Kari?" I ask softly.

"Don't push it." Karoliena playfully sneers,but with slight seriousness. She HATES being called any nickname or pet name. Only Cassie can do this.

" karoliena." I reply sarcastically. "Are you really a vampire?" I ask. It's silly,but would explain so much about her. Think about it. She's unnaturally alluring,she's pale...I know im not the only one to connect these dots.

Karoliena stands patiently for the jeep to come to a stop . She puts her hand on the handle,but doesn't open it. Instead ,she turns to me and smirks. " Erica,don't be ridiculous. There's no such thing. There's a whole cemetery full of supposed vampires over there." She says pointing to a crumbling church building faaaaar to the east. "Silly peasants have been staking the verlinden dead for years." She opens the door and ushers me inside. The jeep is snug inside and fairly utilitarian. Certainly not the kind suburbanites pick up children from football practice in. "Besides,There's a whole plethora of supernatural beings other than vampires." She says with a wry smile and sits beside me.

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Castle Kobayashi

"whew!" what day!" i exclaim,shutting our bedroom door behind me. i had just got done tucking taki in for the night. she has to be tucked in twice. first by gretchen and then by me. it cannot be done together,it has to be done separately. but...she's a princess and princesses get what they want. there'll come a day when taki wont want to be tucked in by her mommies. i wont even realize it when it happens. one day we'll tuck her in and the next night? she wont ask to be tucked in. it'll come as a novelty that she doesnt want to be tucked in. then in a few days...it'll just be another night. the day really wasnt that hard or anything. it was a chore itself just moving around the castle. up and down,up and down. those stairs are killer. my legs are getting fucking sexy,i'll tell you that! also? the backyard is looking pretty good too. i may or may not exaggerate the dimensions of my ass on social media. nina swears i'm not fooling anyone. but she's just being silly.

once inside the room,i wriggle out of my clothes and hop onto the bed with gretchen. the bed is a single piece of carved wood that has dried out to almost become stone,so it doesnt move a bit when my weight bounces on it. if we can make the headboard smack the wall in this bed? we're doing something right! ...we havent made the headboard smack the wall. but i still think we do it right. hahaha. gretchen was already sort of dozing when the weight of my body jostles her on the mattress.
"ooh,hey." gretchen sleepily smiles when she sees me. i snuggle next to her,laying my head on her stomach and giving it little kisses. gretchen's fingers find my hair and she's soon looping it around her fingers and letting it straighten back out. this feels amazing and is the quickest way to put me to sleep. "taki asleep?" gretchen asks me.

"not yet. but i think she will be going right out. gia and eris run the poor little girl ragged.i think somehow she inherited my short legs." i giggle to gretchen. i guess sam fischer wasnt exactly tall. but i'm claiming to be the cause for taki's short legs. nobody besides science can take that away from me. moving here has been amazing for takara. she and the summer's kids are always doing something. she has learned to tolerate cole. he's still banned from her lands. but she promises not to release the hounds. granted,they are plush toys. but she has hounds! i dont even know how she knows about such things. maybe its the spirit of karoliena's long dead relative in the castle.

i feel gretchen's stomach rise and fall in a sigh. " erica...why are we doing this?" she asks ,meeting my gaze as i look up at her. we may have rushed into the whole surrogate thing. we did discuss it for a few hours before agreeing,but i think the silence of the house now made reality rear its head to her.

"do you not want to? i mean..we'll be having a child that is half yours..inside me." i tell her,looking down at my stomach that one day is going to swell if we go through with this. i didnt have to tell gretchen why i didnt want this child to be related to me in any way shape or form. it wouldnt be fair for takara. yeah,she is my daughter. but....sometimes at night when no one else is up..i sometimes wonder if it would feel different if she was physically related to me. its so fucked up to even say,but..that feeling hasnt went away. she knows she doesnt look like me while everyone else she knows looks like their parents.

gretchen shakes her head. "no.it isnt that. taki is all i want as far as that goes. " gretchen starts. in spite of being fantastic with takara and the summers children,gretchen does not want any children of her own. In fact,other than taki and the summers kids? Gretchen dislikes kids. Even the summers kids can be a bit much for her. 4 children can be VERY loud. Takara is pretty quiet and content . " it's Just....this is an awful lot of work and sacrifice for us. And for what? So people we arent particularly close with can have a child?" Gretchen asks,going back to playing with my hair.

She has a very good point. This isn't going to be easy. Physically or mentally. Not to mention,I'll be dropping out of the public eye once I start to show. Questions will be asked. My reasoning is almost arbitrary, but it's my reason. "Its... Its just something i want to experience. Start to finish. But at the same time,i dont want any baby at the end of it." I laugh and caress Gretchen's thigh. I have taking, but I'll never know exactly what natalya felt without experiencing this for myself.

Gretchen laughs and it causes my head to bounce on her stomach. She shakes her head before speaking. " here i really thought you were serious about wanting the bigger boobs." She cracks up.

I turn over on my back and now look like im using her stomach as a pillow. I guide her hand to my bare chest. "Oh trust me. When the girls reach their final form? You won't be able to keep a shirt on me." I giggle to Gretchen. If pregnancy doesnt bump me up to at D's,im going to want a refund.

Gretchen twists my nipples playfully and i screech. "You'll probably just get the belly " she teases.

"I better not!" I protest. I swear i will be pissed if i don't get bigger boobs and get very frisky.i if i just end up looking like a starving kid from the tv commercial ,i will feel very lied to. I bring Gretchen's hand to my lips and kiss it. It smells of the lotion she uses. Vaugely lemon scented,almost like lemon cake. Definitely the sort of lotion I'd have to try very hard not to taste. They realkg should stop making products smell so yummy. Though may be that's the point. Gretchen is always yummy. " why are you agreeing to the egg donation?" I ask. I figure she had to have some reasoning. It wasn't for want of a piece of her out in the world.

At this,Gretchen tenses up and doesnt speak. I look up at her and move my hands to implore her to go on. She inhales deeply and looks out the window. "Erica...i don't want to. I read about it and it isn't like jerking it into a cup. I have to be under anesthesia...there could be bleeding. I...no." She finally says,seeming very scared. I squeeze her hand and hold it tightly to my chest. This was her right. I didn't didn't want her feeling pressured into anything .

"Don't be sorry,gretchie. If you dont want to,you dont want to." I shrug to her. I certainly wasn't going to try and convince her. Gretchen was petrified of anesthesia. She had complications during a surgery and was justified in her fear. There were issues bringing her out of the anesthesia and there was discssion of her never waking up. I have to admit,i also had no idea what went into egg getting until we looked it up. " ill simply tell dustyn in the morning that the diner is open,but he's Gotta bring his own fertilized egg." I grin to Gretchen. Im sure they have egg banks out there. Maybe he could find a tiny irish one? Also,now i want an omelette.

I felt Gretchen loosen the tension in her stomach. I guess she thought that would be harder to discuss. Maybe i am hard to talk to? Why would she think that would even be an issue? "Whew. " she exhales. " my stomach dropped when i read how it was done. I wanted wanted to,but...i can't. I just-"

I interrupt Gretchen with,"don't explain. It's perfectly fine,gretchie. Honestly...i don't know if I could part with a piece of you." I tell her honestly. If this baby came out looking like Gretchen...that would be hard to just turn over and walk out the hospital. I think some sort of possessive feelings might creep in. This thought became stronger the more i thought about it.

Gretchen sighs again and squeezes my hand. "That too. I hate to admit it...but I'm greedy. I dont want half of me out there. What if i feel i want to be involved later? That isn't fair to ask of dustyn and dallas. Much less a confused child ."

I nod along. "Completely understandable. You just know the baby would be cute as hell coming from your genes. We need to take a chancd it'll be an ugly baby. That would be super eazy to give up". I grin up to Gretchen.

She laughs and playfully smacks my head. " oh my god. You're already calling a potential baby ugly. "

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Feeling thoroughly violated and pissed off,i get my normal clothes back on. I toss the thin hospital gown into the corner of the changing room. I fume for several seconds both at what just happened and the less than satisfying throw of the light gown. I grumble and pick up the gown to fold it neatly. Being mad was no excuse to be rude. Someone would have had to pick up my gown. I don't want to be THAT kind of person.  I  stuff my hands in my Jean pockets and go to the waiting room where Nina is waiting for me. The waiting room looks like it was decorated by the golden girls and is filled with pregnant women and their mates..i hear the whispers as we are the only two women leaving together. I'm sure turkey baster jokes are being made. "See you in a few weeks,miss Kobayashi." The receptionist cheerfully says. She wouldn't be so cheerful if she knew what goes on back there. Ugh.i mumble something and head for the door.

"See you later,Doris." Nina says as if she's known this woman all her life. Nina grabs some lollipops and stickers before meeting me in the hall. "So?" She asks popping one in her mouth and trying to stick in mine.
I keep moving my head away and trying to remain pissed off. But Nina keeps pressing it to my mouth and begging, "c'mon,love. Just the tip.i swear ill tell you when im going to go. It won't be like last time. I swear." This greatly entertains another couple we pass. They start cracking up as soon as are semi out of earshot.

"Dammit,Nina. " i say,finally accepting the candy. I stop in the hall and pout. "They...examined me..like THERE." I say,pointing downstairs to my very startled kitty.

Nina smirks,"of course,love. You think they just take your word at things? Nah. They have to get right in there. Both hands and a miners cap." Nina says,pretending to turn on a miners cap.

" well,they should! I don't like it.  I thought I was done with that after the whole...starting process." I protest and start walking again . i want to get out of here as quickly as possible. I was in no mood for Nina suggesting there was a mine between my legs.

We leave the office and get into Nina's car. It's a green jaguar of some sort. Definitely not modern,but not antique. I dunno,I'm not much for jaguar. They're old people cars. "Your doctor a grumpy old man with thick fingers? He put you in the stirrups and say it isn't the age ,but the mileage?" Nina smirks over as she starts to drive. 

The doctor i go to is actually in Canada as i figure nobody will know me here. Plus,they came highly recommended. But it still feels weird and wrong to have some stranger grabbing all on me. " no...its a woman.." I say,starting to release my anger. Nina combined with the candy is putting me in better spirits.  It's kinda bad to say,but i prefer doing this with Nina. Gretchen tries to soothe me while Nina just makes fun of the sitution. That's kinda what i need right now.

"Ooh. She hot,love?" Nina asks,winking at me. Her excitement has finally won me over and Nina has me giggling.

"I don't know. Im not exactly staring longingly in to Her eyes as Im getting a pelvic exam." I say,looking out the window. I don't know how long it's been for Nina,but i don't like her living vicariously through my pelvic exams.

Nina pulls to a stop at a stoplight and continues. "Describe what you do know of her. Your buddy here might be looking to settle down with a doctor."  Nina wags her eyebrows at me.

Now this doctor did come highly recommended. Karoliena suggested her to me. She was her first doctor for eris. The thing is....this doctor has become infamous among us for both the way she looks and sounds.  Much like how Dr nick from the Simpson's is a complete joke. So is this doctor....except she's competent. She's actually very good at what she does.  Karoliena And Cassie just couldn't take her seriously. And as soon as i describe her,nina will know.
"Well...you know when Mia Khalifa wears glasses..."

Nina instantly starts laughing. So much that the car behind us has to honk to get Nina's attention to drive. " im Dr Brittany,and your pregnancy is going just great." She says, in a spot on imitation. Everything Dr brittany says is high pitched and has the inflection of a question.

"Yeah. Now picture that voice and face describing your uterine wall."  I say back,crossing my arms and looking out the window. It was starting to snow,which made me a little apprehensive. I hated driving in snow. But i had confidence in Nina...i think.

Nina cracks up at this thought and turns the heater up. Nina was one of those people,who even if it wasnt snowing outside,she would still be cold ." oh your uterine walls are super thick. This baby has good and fertile soil to grow in." Nina says. Again,in a spot on imitation . Nina laughs and slowly lets the laugh die before speaking again." You are doing ok.though,right?" She asks with a hint of concern in her voice.

Nina and i don't have the sort of friendship were we dote all over each other. We mostly trade barbs and leave anything deeper unsaid. We know. We have the sort of close friendship where it's nearly telepathic. This is also why we work so well together professionally. " sort of." I answer honestly. I can feel Nina bristle as I speak. She's ready to go back and terminate this baby right now. " due to everything. My...er,habits and lifestyle.. I'm sort of high risk.  No stressful situations,healthy diet,lots of rest...." I say with a shrug. I was doing most of that anyway, but now it's doctor's orders.

Nina looks at me for awhile before slowly speaking. " you sure that's all,love? Nothing else?" She asks,scanning me with her eyes. If i can be lustful for just a second,Nina's eyes were always my favorite physical feature of hers.

"Yup." I nod. " I'm fine. The baby is fine. I'm just ready for this to be over. I'm fucking bored as hell sitting at home,sobriety sucks...ugh. Im done." I pout and cross my arms. I know i still have a shit ton more time to go.like 7 more months of so. While taki enjoys having me home now,she's a busy girl. Her play dates with eris simply cannot be broken.

Nina laughs and points at me. " I'm Erica and I'm going to carry a baby for people i barely know. I also totally didn't think this through and didn't realize nine months of my life will be gone. That's you,love" Nina says,greatly amused. Now that she knows im fine,it's back to making fun of me. Which does help take my mind off of what is probably the worst idea I've ever had....well,worst idea that wasnt named Nicole.

"Nobody like a bitch Nina." I say flatly to her.

Nina pretends to be hurt and replies," keep it up and this bitch won't haul your pregnant ass to Tim Horton's for some donuts." She then accelerates slightly to emphasize her point. Now this is serious as i love donuts and it'd be cruel to not get any while we're here in Canada.

I put my hand to my stomach and whine, "don't you care about this baby? It NEEDS donuts to grow big and strong." I then let my head fall to my chest. I've died of hunger.

Nina just lets me die on her front seat. Here i thought she was my friend. " right,love. I've got an idea. You want this over and i want my friend back. I say we get rid of the baby and simply buy one when the time comes. I'm sure we can find a black market baby somewhere." Nina suggests with a laugh.

"Can't talk. Still dead from lack of donuts." I mutter pathetically. I add extra wheezing as well. I've got the idea of donuts in my head now,nothing is shaking that. This candy isn't cutting it.

Nina sighs dramatically. " fine,love. I'll get us some donuts. But when i carry a baby for some couple we don't really know,you better return the favor." She says,scouting for a tim Horton's.

I flutter my eyes and come back to life, " I'm back! It's a miracle! I knew giving money to joel olesteen would pay off!!" I settle back in my seat and back in the glory of future pastries in my tummy. " fuck that.im not paying for a baby when i can just make one. Don't be absurd ,Nina." I reply to her earlier joke.

Nina shrugs,"your logic is irrefutable." She says,channeling her inner spock. "What the hell was I thinking,love?" She laughs warmly. We pull into tim Horton's. It's midday so there aren't many people here. Nina is quiet before slowly smiling . " there a camera crew around when Dr Brittany examines you? Does she do it nude as to not contaminate you with her lab coat?" Nina shuts off the car after this zinger.

Now,Dr Brittany does look just like that porn star. I've seen people do double takes in her office when she comes out to greet them. " ha ha. Very funny" i tell Nina sarcastically as i unbuckle my seatbelt. Nina smirks,very satisfied with herself. " no. But she never wears gloves when examining me...thats weird,right?" I say totally serious.

Nina instantly starts the car and starts to back out. "I knew she was a fucking quack." She stops when i roar with laughter.its rare i can actually get Nina on something like this,so i couldn't keep from laughing. It would have been great to keep it going until she was super pissed off.

"I got you! I got you." I sing and poke Nina's belly. Nina goes to return the favor ,but since I'm delicate at the moment,she pokes me in shoulder.

" you totally did,love. You're so funny." She says sarcastically while continuing to poke my shoulders. Her laughs instantly stop and she says, " guess what,chuckles? You just earned yourself a drive to the next Tim Horton's to sit and think about what you've done."

She's serious too! She gets back on the highway and takes off again . her car roars down the snowy road and we sesm to have a 20 minute ride ahead of us. I love Nina so much. Definitely my very best friend ever. " but I had to pee. " i say meekly as we drive towards that Mecca of donuts and now,restrooms.


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The sprinklers have switched on and arcs of water are giving the grass much needed nourishment. The midday sun gives birth to many rainbows .its beautiful and I just know taki is squealing with delight somewhere. She adores the sprinklers when they make rainbows. Otherwise, they just piss her off because she can't play on wet grass.  I hate to do it, but i press the intercom button.

"Yes,miss Kobayashi?" The stuffy British voice speaks. It's our...ugh, Butler? I didn't even know people actually had butlers in the modern age. He has been fucking wonderful though. Gretchen has been away with the harlots tour ,so i have no-one to bring me drinks or anything. I'm too damned pregnant to waddle myself downstairs to get anything.

"um...i really hate to ask this, but could you please bring me some orange juice?" I ask.  I hate being dependant on people for anything. I hate even more having staff. But In a dwelling this size, it's required. Being preggers, it's quite the luxury.

"Right away." The voice says. I can hear he's already In motion and bringing me my drink.

As I sit and I realize I'm the kind of asshole that wouldn't make it through the french revolution, my phone rings. My ringtone is the stabbing sound from psycho. It's not a real favorite of mine, but it's loud enough I can hear it through most anything. Also, after 10 years of being a musician, I'm fairly certain my hearing is going. The caller is mariko,of all people.

"Hitomi!" She squeals as if she expected Harrison Ford or someone to answer my phone. It is good to hear from Mariko. I must be getting older as I worry about her.

"Mari-chin, how's my favorite sister?" I ask,sinking into my chair and propping my feet up.

" fan-fucking-tragic." She replies happily. I love hearing happy Mariko. She just exudes joy in a way few people do. It's near infectious and i can feel myself smiling.

" she's there,isn't she?" I ask bluntly. Lately I've seen vara Gallo is making the Instagram rounds. Mariko took the keys to the Duke around the same time. Well,keys is a figure of speech. The ship is mostly voice activated.

"Yup." She says gleefully. " we're in Jamaica for a few weeks. It's been a total blast so far. I am so fucking tan right now."  Mariko does sound like she's having the time of her life. I...cant even bring myself to be all that upset that vara is there. It might be interesting to see how that woman handles a Mariko that isn't her lap dog anymore. If Mariko gets loads of Duke sex? All the better.

"So are you two,like,dating now?" I ask in my gossipy teenager voice.

"Nope." She quickly answers. " just friends."

"Friends,huh? Like you and cara are just friends?" I ask. Mariko has never confirmed it, but there was that article in culture uncut that no party seemed to deny: Mariko has a sexual relationship with cara zayn...and possibly amy Meyer and that madison girl.  Go Mariko, i guess. I know cara is a sweetie. As is Amy. Who'd have guessed cara zany was into casual flings and near orgies?!

"Exactly." Mariko confirms. " just friends with the benefits. Friends with the Benny Benny Benny fiiiiittts."  She sings the last part. Mariko is drunk off her ass. Mariko is an odd drunk. You'll never hear her slur her words. But she gets goofy as hell.

"You've put away a lot of drinks in coconuts,haven't you?" I ask with a little laugh. The Butler clears his throat softly and places my orange juice on the small table beside me. The table looks very ornate. It's black lacquer with a rural Chinese scene painted on it. Probably fairly old. Hopefully not too old as I'm not using a coaster. I mouth my thanks to the Butler. He gives a nod of his head and disappears back downstairs.

Mariko laughs very hard at this. " fuck yeah.  We're on vacation and have been catching up." Mariko gives a little sigh and i can almost picture her settling into her beach chair and getting comfy.  " I'm letting her join us in the castle." Mariko states.

Now,Mariko has this right. This isn't MY castle,it's the Kobayashi's as a whole. That is the agreement Karoliena made with us. The summers and Kobayashi families were to be linked from that day on. But i can't help but not want this to happen. Not because i hate vara. Actually it's the contrary. I owe my current happiness to vara existing. If i wasn't looking to have vara killed, I would have never met Gretchen. So there is that.  On a less selfish note: she does seem to make Mariko happy. Vara has been her friend to years. Dare say,best friend. So there has to be something to the woman...other than being kinda mean and kinda hot. Ok.she is beautiful. At least physically. But my concern here is more about vara,oddly enough.. " Um...ok." I finally utter after a little too long.

It must have been too long before i answered,because Mariko sounds offended. " what?" She asks instantly.

"Mariko, i really don't want to say." I speak to her softly.  My hormones are going nuts even without a potential argument with my sister.

"Hitomi." She states firmly. She stays silent so that i have to continue.

I take a long sip of my orange juice. The baby hates oj and gives me heartburn every time i drink it now. But fuck you,you little goblin. Im not getting scurvy for you .i take a second drink before starting to speak. I could really use some vodka in this oj... " you aren't dating,correct? It's just friends and fucking,right?"

"Yup." Mariko answers assuredly.

"And you want her living at the castle for a while...." I say to Mariko. Hoping she makes the connection so that I don't have to say it.

" that's what we've discussed."

I sigh as Mariko isn't coming to the conclusion I want her to."mari...those are some mighty mixed signals you are sending. One of you is going to end up very hurt." I explain as gently as i can. Granted, i dont know vara. But i wouldn't blame her if she thought Mariko was wanting to reconcile but was too shy to say it.

Mariko laughs at my concern. " i made it very clear what i was willing to give in this. Vara is of the same mind. We're just having fun."   My point seems logical to me. I don't see why Mariko isn't getting it. Is she purposely trying not to?!

"Ok. Just friends? Friends fucking and living under the same roof? What happens when vara meets someone and brings them home?" I ask.slightly bouncing my leg in agitation. " and before you get all excited, what if it's a man? You going to pretend to enjoy it?" I say this rapidly as I want to get it out. I know it isn't what Mariko wants to hear,but i don't think she's even thought of this scenario.

"Well..i mean,it's her life." Mariko starts. I know the tone she is using. It's slightly flat and is her putting up the front of being emotionless.

" she's not a pet,Mariko. Or worse yet,a sex doll." I know I'm being harsh, but i really don't want Mariko being the bad guy here. It's vara fucking Gallo. She should be the bad guy by default.

Mariko softens a little and finally thinks about what I've said. "But..ive missed her so much." Mariko says quietly. I knew Mariko still held feelings for vara and the way she says these words confirm it.

"I know,Mariko. I know." I say to her softly.  I don't have to ask to know Mariko still loves vara,even after her randomly leaving . i look out the window and think about Karoliena's ancestor looking out this window. What was mad Helga like? Did she have a sister? Finally, i say to Mariko what i think is both for the best,and what she wants someone to say to her." I....i think you two should try it again." I can't believe i said this,but it seems the best course. At least if vara and Mariko plan on living here. They were good for each other at one time.

"Yeah. That's a big fuck no. Im not stupid,hitomi. She left me once and i looked a fool. " Mariko snaps.  She is only willing to talk about her personal life so much and i think i reached that limit.

"Whatever. Just don't come to me when this blows up.and trust me,it will." I snap back. Mariko and i butt heads a lot because we are both stubborn and prideful. Most wouldn't think this of Mariko because she can seem rather meek....until that facade cracks and falls down.

"Well...theres another coconut drink with my name on it." Mariko says, changing the subject and ending the conversation without having to argue further. "And there is a really cute Italian girl walking my way." She giggles. "Byyyyyyeeee" and with that,she ends the call.

I sit there wondering what the fuck just happened. Why am I worried about how vara feels about this? Doesn't she deserve to feel used? Lord knows Mariko did. I drink the cold orange juice and feel it's burn when i swallow it. Through the tree tops,i see the top of the tower of castle summers. Briefly i wonder if i could hit it with one of our cannons. But I'm too pudgy to climb the stairs to our battlements. Do cannonballs explode on impact of just smash stuff?  I'll have to find out someday.


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