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#1 Posted : 14 March 2016 02:17:48(UTC)
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Title: “Kissing in the Dark”
Artist: Pretty Little Freaks
Release Date: March 13, 2016
Length: 4:39
Format: CD Single, Digital Download, Weekly Airplay, 7” Single
Recorded: The Record Plant – Los Angeles, California
Genre: Pop, Alternative Rock
Label: Permanent Reminder
Writer(s): Mia Clark, Jade Clark, Cara Zayn
Producer(s): Cara Zayn

“Kissing in the Dark” is the title of the sixth official single released from the English pop-rock duo ‘Pretty Little Freaks’. It marks the first release from the London born sisters since “One of the Boys” in 2014 and signals the beginning of a new album cycle as they’ve been spending the previous couple of months in Los Angeles, California where they have been writing and recording their sophomore album. The duo have been touring regularly since 2014 and have found very little time to work on new music as they continue to build their name in the industry. They have been highly successful in the past, but with it being so long since their previous release, it’s unknown where the duo currently fit in the music industry as it is today. It’s been noted that their latest song sees a little bit of a change up from what we’re used to from the girls but the core elements are very much still in place as always with soaring guitars and beautiful melodies.

As of November 2015, Jade and Mia entered the Record Plant recording studios in Los Angeles, California and begun working on their upcoming album alongside songwriter and producer Cara Zayn. The trio have been working hard together on the album and are reportedly very close to announcing the release of the record, which is expected at some point this summer. An interesting element to the duo’s music, appears to be an electronic-rock vibe, it appears that time in the studio has highlighted the use of electric guitars and keyboards, perhaps a sign that they’ve changed things up a little in anticipation of this new album.
The song will be released through Permanent Reminder on March 13, 2016 as a CD Single, Digital Download, Weekly Airplay and 7” Single.


It’s been a while since you girls have released anything new, were there any nerves about putting new material out there?

Jade: Of course, there’s a few nerves because it has been so long since we last released anything really. But we’ve been working hard on the new music that we’ve created and I think it’ll be really interesting to see how our fans take to these new songs. But of course, there’s always going to be a little nervousness about putting out a new song.

We’ve heard that you girls have been working in Los Angeles since November on this new album. How long do you imagine it will be before we get to hear the new record?

Jade: Hopefully it’ll be out sometime in the next couple of months.

Mia: We’ve almost finished recording the album. I think within the next couple of weeks we’ll have the album completely finished which is so damn exciting. But we’ve been working on this thing for what feels like a f*cking age and it’s gonna be exciting to finally get it out there to our fans and start playing these songs live. I think we’ve got a meeting with our label sometime next week and so I guess we’ll find out about all that boring stuff and when they want to launch the album. But it should be soon.

Okay, so do you think this track and the new songs you girls have written is different from your previous work?

Mia: I personally feel like it’s very different. Some people may think that way too and some may not. But yeah, I definitely see these songs as being completely different from most of our previous songs. I think we’ve grown up a lot since our last album and we’ve gone through some pretty shitty situations which has sort of inspired some of the songs from the album. I think it’s a bit more risky in parts too, I feel like there’s maybe more sexuality in the songs and we’re both a little more daring that way and we’re starting to embrace a side to ourselves that we never really did before.

Jade: *giggles* Yeah, Mia’s been sleeping around a lot in the last few years.

This new song in particular feels pretty close to home, “Kissing in the Dark” appears to be about being with a lover that you know is cheating and you therefore doing the same to him. Is that something that either of you actually went through is it just something for the purpose of the song?

Jade: I think we’ll let Mia take this one.

Mia: To me personally. I think it’s more a song about regaining the power. From a female point of view. Like okay, you’re cheating on me. You’re gonna come home after f*cking around with her and act like everything’s normal. That’s fine with me, but I’m not gonna be the victim here, stuck at home waiting for you to wrap your arms around me while her smell is still lingering on you. Nah, I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna get me some and if this has to turn into some sort of weird game, I’m gonna be the one that wins.

Jade: Safe to say … it’s pretty real.

Okay, it’s noted that you worked alongside Cara Zayn on the songwriting and production of the song. It’s the first real time where you’ve written with another person other than yourselves. What did she bring to the song?

Jade: I feel that she brought a confidence to us. Like you said, it had been a while before we really put anything new out there and to an extent I think we had to re-discover who we are as musicians and songwriters and I think she helped us bring more of ourselves out in the song.

Mia: For me personally, it was a relatability thing. I felt like we were very similar people and we seemed to be really in sync with each other which was a bonus. I also think that a lack of fear is something that she’s given us now, I definitely feel like this record is a bit more edgier than before and it’s more us and I think she really encouraged that side to us.

I’ve actually heard that there’s an alternative and somewhat more explicit version of this single?

Jade: Oh my god! *laughs* Who told you that?!

Mia: Yeah, we did a heavier version of the song called “F*cking in the Dark”

Jade: I don’t see that one making the album.

Mia: We’ll be playing it live though.

So finally, are there any other hints that you can give us about your sophomore album?

Jade: Just that we’re really excited about the new songs and we can’t wait for our fans to get to hear there. I promise they’ll be released real soon. Hopefully it’ll be worth such a long wait.


Mia Clark
Jade Clark

“It feels so much more different, when you hold me tight
It’s like everything we created, has fallen far away and out of sight

Searching for some answers, that I know I may never find
It’s like a car crash in the rear view mirror
I know I shouldn’t look behind

But I can’t help it
I want to see it with my own eyes
Because I just can’t believe
A love like ours could ever die
A love like ours could ever die

Things have begun to unravel pretty quickly
Everything has changed so fast
Most nights I’m left in bed alone, waiting for you to come home
And I know inside this is not who I am
I’ve never been one to be pushed so freely
I know that I need to find the strength that I know I once had
But I truly loved you, madly, deeply, freely

You come home late every evening
And wonder why I’m so upset
You think you’re so damn clever
But whiskey doesn’t hide the smell of her perfume on your neck
But I’m done being weak, being pushed around
I’m finding my strength and I’m standing my ground
You wanna play games with my heart
Then you’re playing with the one that will tear this shit apart

When we’re kissing in the dark
I’m thinking about another guy
When you’re playing with my heart
It kills me to see how much you lie
So now when you want all of me
I’m only interested in getting what I need
You think you had me fooled
Now you’re the one to beg and plead

Our bed’s cold and empty now and this is what you’ve caused
No more fire and embraces of love
An expression of passion that just explodes

We used to be crazy kids that knew exactly how to please
But now you’re thinking of her in your mind
And I’m screaming out a different name this time

When we’re kissing in the dark
I’m thinking about another guy
When you’re playing with my heart
It kills me to see how much you lie
So now when you want all of me
I’m only interested in getting what I need
You think you had me fooled
Now you’re the one to beg and plead”


Jade Clark – vocals, guitar, drums, songwriting
Mia Clark – vocals, keyboards, songwriting
Cara Zayn – songwriting, production, mixing, engineering
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#2 Posted : 14 March 2016 14:22:22(UTC)
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Olivia: This is addicting! I freaking adore it ;) If you ever want to stop by our studio we can send our private plane for you two!

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#3 Posted : 19 March 2016 18:11:46(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: xKing83x Go to Quoted Post
Olivia: This is addicting! I freaking adore it ;) If you ever want to stop by our studio we can send our private plane for you two!

Jade: Thanks Olivia, glad you enjoy the song! We will definitely keep that offer in mind! :)
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#4 Posted : 19 March 2016 21:03:23(UTC)
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Lastrevio: Sounds cool

Vox: Pretty.

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#5 Posted : 20 March 2016 16:13:08(UTC)
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Eilidh: Wow, I can't see in the dark but you girls know how to kiss? Oscar said that one time I hit him in the nose by acident because it was so dark. Did you know you both have the same face? That's so funny!
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