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#1 Posted : 18 May 2015 06:00:28(UTC)
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Name: Kara Amelie Romero
Born: 22 October, 1994 (Age 22)
Origin: Seville, Spain
Residing: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Genres: Alternative Pop, Alt-Rock, Indie Pop, Art Pop, Alternative Hip-Hop
Influences: Prince, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, The Replacements, The Pixie’s, Joy Division, The Cure, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Frank Sinatra
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Model
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Piano, Drums
Years Active: 2012 - present
Labels: Just Record

Kara ‘Amelie’ Romero (born October 22, 1994) is a Spanish/American singer-songwriter. She was born in Seville, Spain to Rodrigo and Gabriella Romero, She was an only child, her father was an agent for a number of Spanish actors and her mother was a caterer. Her mother died when Kara was only four years old and she was raised alone by her father. At the age of 8 her father got a new job in Manhattan, New York and the two re-located to the United States leaving their home comforts of Spain behind. She has no brothers or sisters and dropped out of school at the age of 16 years old, always fascinated with the performing arts, particularly music, she was an unlikely fan of alternative rock bands, The Replacements, The Pixie’s and Soundgarden and later became a fan of British bands like, The Clash, Joy Division and The Cure, she claims that she prefers her music, ‘loud and angry’ but also finds influence in more mainstream classic pop music including the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince.

She describes her own vocals as ‘A beautiful mess’ and claims that it’s somewhere between Paul Westerberg (The Replacements) and Patti Smith both of which are big inspirations for the teenage singer-songwriter. At 15 years old she spent three months staying at a homeless shelter in Brooklyn, New York after an argument with her father about alcohol. She was a difficult teenager to deal with especially during high school, she was often caught skipping school and showed very little interest in her own education, she claims that, ‘She never fit in at school’ and that she ‘just kind of went unnoticed for the first few years of high school.’

In 2012 after a performance at The Charleston, New York a small buzz ensued online and Kara quickly headed into a recording studio with producers Ignacio Santos and Will.Rocca to record her debut single 'My Poison Ivy Lips' which was released independently via her official website on February 12, 2012, surprisingly becoming an unlikely hit single for Kara, peaking at number four on the singles charts. However, things failed to progress from there and her career stalled in the following years. The initial buzz died down and a record deal wasn’t found for Romero. She continued touring small clubs in and around the USA, mostly on the east coast and primarily in and around her home state of New York.
After three years of struggling to truly find that breakthrough into the music industry, she was given an opportunity to sign with record label ‘Just Record’ and is set to finally begin working on her debut album. The big question is, will she succeed this time around?




Studio Albums;
"Do I Have Your Attention Now?" (June 12, 2016) [#1]
• "The Legacy Pt. I" (TBA 2017)

• “My Poison Ivy Lips” (February 12, 2012) [#4]
• "Down" (June 28, 2015) [#16]
• "Same Old Tears" (January 23, 2016) [#2]
"Perish" (February 14, 2016) [#2]
"Where The Real Things Are" (March 27, 2016) [#3]
"We Are One" (April 23, 2016) [#8]
"Bulletproof Barbie" (April 17, 2017) [#4]

"Raising Hell" (April 30, 2017)

"One Final Memory" (2016)

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#2 Posted : 22 January 2016 04:16:50(UTC)
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"Sup bitches?!
Just wanted to check in to say that I got a few things coming for you fuckerz very soon. Keep your eyes open!"
- Kara xoxo


“Drink until I pass out, whiskey straight from the bottle
I got so much shit to forget about, sometimes it feels like the only real option
But I know that this ain’t good, it’s kinda fucking up my entire life
But I grew up in the hood, where they taught me that drink is the only thing to make me feel alright
And it helps in those dark times, to take away the heartache and pain
But they say you can’t run from your demons
Well those fuckers are always there in the morning all over again”
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#3 Posted : 08 February 2016 23:24:59(UTC)
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It’s been a rather busy year for you already, in comparison to previous years, it appears like everything seems to have all come at once for you in regards to your career in the entertainment industry, a successful new single, collaborations and movie roles all coming about within the first month of the new year, how have you taken to the sudden focus and opportunities coming your way?

“It’s been alright, I don’t tend to get overwhelmed. I mean … I’ve been working the last few years to just try to get to this point in my life and I’m not gonna lie, there were times when I seriously thought about just throwing in the towel and saying, this just ain’t for me, yanno? But I always had the vision of where this hard work will lead me and put me where I wanna be which is a legitimate artist on all kinds of levels. I don’t wanna limit myself to just one lane, obviously for me, the music is the focus, but I wanna be an all-rounder, I believe I’m capable of doing many great things and sure there’ll be times when I falter and fuck up but sometimes we gotta go through that side of things too. But thankfully, at the moment, things are going really great and I’ve got a forward looking mentality for the first time in a long time.”

Your current single, “Same Old Tears” is sitting at number two in the singles charts, your highest achievement to date. It’s an emotive track, do you think that vulnerability has helped it to find a bigger fanbase than any of your previous work?

“I’m not sure. I mean if I knew what makes a successful song and what doesn’t then I think I’d be pretty rich at this point. But I mean, I guess the fact that this new song has more depth to it than my previous ones may have had an effect on its support. It’s a very real track for me, so much so that I wasn’t sure about putting it out there, I was actively trying to move away from even having it on my debut album. But I spoke to a few friends that have been around the industry a little longer than me and they talked me through it and made me understand why “Same Old Tears” was probably the best thing I could put out. Because it’s all about connecting, right? And that’s about as much of myself as I can put out there for people to listen to. The story is essentially my life for the past four years or so.”

So would you say it’s just about the most biographical song you’ve written?

“Yeah, by a long way. My mother died when I was four, I barely got to know her and not having that strong female support system in place throughout my teenage years made things difficult. I admire my father greatly for the job he did on his own. But there’s only so much that other people can do to ease the pain and I went off on the wrong path, I guess. I’m not saying I completely regret the choices I made because they shaped who I’ve become. But yeah, I found that drinking and smoking and living that sort of life helped to numb the pain somehow. It still does, but I rely less on those quick fixes these days.”

It’s been rumoured that you’ll be releasing an E.P very soon, care to share more information about that?

“Well, there’s a plan for an E.P to be released pretty soon. I had a bunch of songs that I had written back in 2012 when I first tried to start this career. I wanna get those songs out there eventually, I’ll maybe re-work them a little. But I’m hoping to just finally release them, they’ve been sitting around for a while now. The main focus isn’t on the E.P though, I feel like the album will be the true representation of where I am now. The E.P will be more to show where I started.”

That’s an interesting way of doing things, like a past and present sort of thing between the two collections of music. Let’s talk about the album, what sort of songs can we expect from that and when can we expect the long-awaited release of it?

“I dunno, the album is in very early stages at the moment. We have about six or seven tracks recorded. I think you can expect to see all three singles on the album. I think the vibe will be more like “Same Old Tears” from what I’ve got recorded so far. But I haven’t finished writing all the songs for the album yet, so it’s kinda hard to say what sort of overall vibe the album will have. I think it’s safe to say that it’ll be pretty truthful and biographical.
In terms of release dates, that is the million-dollar question. It’s tough to predict things like that, because as I’ve clearly seen before, sometimes your plans can change really fucking quickly. As of right now, I’m definitely hoping that it’ll be out later this summer, maybe July or August time, is what I’m hoping for. Possibly earlier, who knows?”

It was confirmed that toward the end of last year, you were filming for an upcoming movie called “One Final Memory” which you’ll be starring in alongside Medina and Christian Fallon. It’s your first acting role of any real note, how was that process?

“It was different, it felt very freeing to play somebody else for a while. I was asked about possibly being part of the movie and after reading the script and the character bio I was instantly on board. I never fully considered the option of acting or anything like that, but it was a great thing to do and is something that weirdly enough has opened more doors for me. I think the fact that I was working alongside other people who were pretty much taking their first acting roles made it a lot easier than I expected. I definitely enjoyed that opportunity.”

So let’s move back to music, although you don’t like to fully confine yourself to a specific genre, it’s safe to say that you’re a part of a rap renaissance of sorts. But looking at the sort of acts that you list as influences, it would appear that you naturally are more of a fan of the punk and alternative genres. Is that a fair assessment?

“I don’t know, I don’t think so. Genre’s aren’t good, I think that it places too much of a box around you. If you’re this then you can’t listen to that and if you’re that then you can’t listen to this. I like to think that I’m a fan of a broader spectrum of music, whether that’s the punk rock style of The Replacements who happen to be my all-time favourites. Or Frank Sinatra or Prince or Nirvana or Tupac. Like I say, I think genre’s fuck things up a little. Of course so far, a lot of what I’ve done has been more rap or hip-hop and I think you can expect more of that for a while.”

So who are you currently a fan of right now?

“I think that saint retro e.p is really fucking gorgeous, the harmonies and melodies just hit your ear so perfectly and it feels very old school. I’m currently enjoying The Rappers Handbook by Kidd Amaze but I think of all the recent releases, What We Learn by Lotus was by far my favourite. Although we have a completely different style, I think that record really inspired me to do as much as I can to truly make a career and kick things up a gear this year. So I’d credit that record for inspiring me to finally make things happen for myself.”

And what’s next musically, any plans in place to follow up on “Same Old Tears”?

“Yeah, yesterday I actually had a conversation with Kidd about my next single, he’s been helping out in the studio with the production and things like that and we had a meeting about the next step. I decided that a track called “Perish” would be the next single and hopefully we’ll be able to get it out before the end of February for you all to hear. It’s another track that feels biographical and seems to relate to my own career to a degree. I think it’s different enough from my current single but it has that same sort of intensity within the song. So yeah, you can expect that one soon.”

So there you have it, you can see “One Final Memory” starring Kara Romero in March, hear the next single later this month and expect her debut album sometime this summer. It may have taken a little while, but it looks like Kara is finally getting the breakthrough she’s been waiting for.
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