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#1 Posted : 24 October 2021 18:33:27(UTC)
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In Conversation with SUZIE
Presented by Half-Moon Music // Interviewed by Ashford York
London, England, UK
Sunday 24 October, 2021

The thought of today’s conversation is both a thrilling and challenging prospect, this is a labour of love that will hopefully take me to some unique and wonderful locations to have some of the most interesting and powerful conversations with the biggest stars around in the music industry today. As of this writing, there is currently nobody bigger in the industry in this moment than my next guest ‘Suzie’ and the thought of tackling her career and life is one that has felt daunting at times as I’ve considered the scope of where she began and where she currently is now in the pantheon of today’s modern sexually confident popstar. Absolutely blazing the trail for a lot of artists that put themselves out there confidently and freely. She’s certainly had an impact and an influence on what we all hear in the charts today and likely for some time to come.

I’ve been given the exclusive opportunity to fly out to her home in London, a city that I have always had a love and affinity for and on the brink of this new era for Suzie in order to spend time with the human behind the hits and have a conversation that will hopefully go far beyond the traditional promotional fanfare and truly delve into where Suzie Stockholm came from and what makes up the uber sexualised goddess image that is projected throughout her music and career. She’s an artist that speaks without filter, so to be given a blank canvas with no restrictions and no topics off the table is a joy to hear upon interviewing any artist but more specifically a one with a rich history of interest as today’s hot topic.
However, searching for interesting headlines and trending topics is not what this series is about. It’s about delving deeper into an artist’s thoughts and psyche’s and really looking at what makes them what we all see on the billboards and album art. As always, I hope that I can keep your interest up for the next couple of hours or so but it doesn’t feel like there’s any danger of you tapping out from this one for one sole reason. Suzie Stockholm!

Alright here we are, the big interview. I’ve had a couple of my friends here before, but this is the first time in discussion with an artist that I’ve not known previously. Like everyone I have a pre-conceived idea of you based on the image portrayed through social media, I feel fully prepared to expect the unexpected which I consider is a notion that you’ve aimed to project in the psyche of anyone that hears your name. Suzie, your reputation precedes you, I’m sure. You’ve just announced the track listing to your next album, how the hell are you feeling right now?

I mean, how else should I be feeling right now? Am I allowed to curse on here? I hope so. Because in that case, I feel fucking amazing babe. Just dropped the tracklist of my hot new album Dirty Pop, celebrating the success of Bad Behavior and the remix, celebrating being a mother...a wife. Pussy good, ass tight. At this point, I am at the top of the world. Wouldn't you be? I'm fucking ecstatic and ready to drive you and everyone listening wild this interview, let's fucking do it. Ash!

I’m pretty sure we’re going to be jumping around the timelines a lot today, but I just want to start with the sentiment that a lot of people had when you began in this industry. From the outside looking in, you were never meant to make it this far in your music career. We’re ten years on from your debut single, you were looked at as a novelty act that would likely fade away after a couple of hit singles. Now whether people want to admit it or not, your name carries a lot of weight and cache in this industry. You must feel an immense level of pride in what you’ve achieved so far?

Is that really how I was looked as? That's actually quite hilarious because it's 2021 now and look where we are now. TEN years later. See the way god works? I've always had pride in everything that I do. When I first came into this business, I can agree...people thought that this wouldn't last. We're here looking ten years later and my name weighs more than a fucking ton of bricks. Bitch is very prideful, very proud to be sitting here now. Ha! Look how far I've made it and to think that people think that this would ever stop. I am cackling, it feels good.

It’s ambition at the end of the day. We’ve seen some of the greatest natural talents fall away quickly because they’ve either not had the ambition to take that talent to it’s very pinnacle or they haven’t had the work ethic. I may not be your traditional audience but I can appreciate a bop when I hear one and I can definitely respect hard work when I see it. Do you think it’s purely ambition that’s put you at this level?

A girls got some iconic bops doesn't she? Thank you Ashford. I think a lot of it has to do with my ambition from the very start. I set out to into music to be remembered in the history books, you hear that? HISTORY. I wanted people to hear my name and instantly know who and what I've done and at the same time, know I've had fun doing just that. I didn't want to be just a basic pop star, because basic is something that does not align with what Suzie is. Um, I think a lot of what the problem is that singers don't have fun. Everything is calculated, everything is micromanaged...with me? I'm all about having fun and making smart business decisions while doing this shit. I don't need to stress out about what song is going to be a hit and what I need to prove to anyone. When it's authentic, when it's hot, people are going to gravitate toward it and I've always been a bitch to be ambitious.

The hate that you received almost immediately was absolutely nuclear in my opinion. I believe your management team sent out a bounty stating that they’ll pay out a massive sum of money to any producer that could make you a hit single. It was almost like being thrown to the wolves with that press release being your first major move in the industry away from the modelling world. Did you consider it sink or swim?

Definitely swim. Haha, looking back at that now it was fucking genius. We know that money is the true calling and we needed some big names to take notice and get me on the map. When you've got the funds, why wouldn't you want to get some of the hottest acts on a song with you? Stephanie Fierce, Sophia....this was all in my debut year. No one to this date, I believe, had the business plan that I had when entering this business. It's never been done before and can never be recreated. No one in this industry had a Stephanie Fierce sample in their debut record and send the word into chaos with a release like Love Feels Like Osama Bin Laden. It was definitely swim for me, because from that moment it was only up from there and now look? Like you said, it's 10 years later and I'm STILL here.

I’m fascinated over the idea of what goes on in the mind when that sort of toxic attention is aimed at you. How did you deal with the level of hate you received? Did it concern you or did you just believe fully in your plans?

I was actually fascinated with the level of hate and didn't find any concern with it. The plan was to get people to take notice and I had the ball out of the park. I come from a pageant background, where...literally every fiber of your being is judge under a microscope. A couple angry celebrities and internet trolls lashing out on twitter was the least of my concerns. Still is.

Obviously the biggest attack thrown at you is the notion that you bought your success. I’ve studied the industry in depth for quite some time and have to just interject my own commentary into proceedings. First of all it’s a business, and this idea that you flipping things on it’s head by financing your own initial success rather than being a product of someone else’s, essentially paying them to get the machine rolling behind you, that having negative connotations is absolute bullshit. I see it through different eyes, like you took back the control. Your label wanted the money your team were paying them to have you signed to their label but they didn’t want their label associated with your music. To conflict a record label in such a way is so god damn epic. It must have felt pretty good to get to the point where you held the power, right?

Abso-fucking-lutely. It's business at the end of the day! I remember, labels wanted to sign me but didn't want to be associated. We'd have to PAY for labels to associate themselves with me. After a while, I was like, fuck this shit. I'm big enough now to fund my own distribution. What the fuck do I need a label for now that my name rings bells. We took back the power and it felt like, yeah, now I've really done this shit and I don't need to take the back seat to any other act on a label full of artists, packed to the top. What good would that be for me? Labels are overrated. You don't need them, especially when you're at a point in your career where the labels want you, but YOU don't want the label.

I also think you wanting to be this huge over the top pop goddess and putting the money into that dream to make it a reality on your own terms, not only makes you one of the biggest rebels in recent memory in this industry but also makes you an absolute fucking badass.
I’ve seen so many labels create production lines of Russian Dolls that all do pretty much the same things purely for nothing more than financial gain. You must be proud of how you took the power for yourself and made those ambitions a reality?

See the thing is Ashford, I've never 'wanted' to be anything. I've always been that. I've always been over the top, I've always been a goddess. All I needed was the pop, and I went ahead and did that. This has always been me. It truly exemplifies the power of the pussy. A woman setting out to do all it is that she was destined to be...a pop goddess. When it became a reality, it felt like it was something I was always meant to be and the stars aligned. I'm very proud of all that I've achieved. The pussy is so powerful.


I stated earlier that we’ll probably jump around the timeline a little. But I just want to go all the way back for a second. What was your upbringing like in Sweden at that time?

I've always been lucky enough to have a really good upbringing. So if you're expecting for me to get on here and talk about how I had such a tough life and all of the pity story we get from artists, it's never really been me. I've always gotten what I wanted whether it was from my dad, or if I just wanted to get it myself. I've always been very confident but when I did start getting into pageants and that shit used to stress me out, I realized that I have a good life, why the fuck am I letting some old white man and woman and a panel of judges tell me that I am not good or good enough. I think that's where a lot of my darker days comes from and I needed to get out.

Obviously over the years, we’ve seen stage moms and dad managers aplenty. Of course it’s well documented how your father played a big part financially in your initial breakout into the music industry. How integral were they to your dreams and ambitions as a child?

When I wanted to get into the music industry it was a fight. I needed the funds and I needed them right then and there. My parents were obsessed with this idea of me being a beauty pageant queen but I wanted to make myself bigger than that glass ceiling that is the pageant industry. I've always been daddy's little girl, and he didn't want to risk losing his daughter because he didn't want to support her dreams of becoming one of the biggest pop stars in the world. So in the early stages he was very integral. The money he spent, I gave him back. Very early on actually because well, a lot of money was spent and it felt like...look, you did this for me, here's me giving back and I'll give it back whether you want it or not.

You were put in pageants very early on, so it seems like from the earliest times of your life you were competing for eyes on you. Looking back, did that prepare you for what was to come or has it been a tough thing to go through life always competing?

Fuck yeah! Like I said earlier, you got judged for every little thing. Down to your fucking hair color. If that didn't prepare me for internet trolls then I seriously don't know what it was. It was tough because I know myself and I don't need anyone to fucking tell me who I am or why I'm good or not good enough. I mean, get the fuck outta here. So even though it was trash, I look at it as a something I do appreciate for giving me such thick skin because I know some artists who really can't take the heat. But me, I can take the heat. Anything you got to say you can say it, but I'm fucking making millions and inspiring many. And you?

Obviously that all came to its absolute zenith in terms of the beauty pageantry when you were crowned Miss Sweden. Following that success, you sort of left that world behind. When that accolade came around, did you consider that you had accomplished everything you needed to in that realm or was there ever a real ambition to take it to a global level, Miss World, Universe etc?

The only reason why I didn't quit was because back then I felt like I needed to prove something. So when I was crowned Miss Sweden I felt like I'm at the pinnacle of the pageant life in my country in an industry that I don't really like, but happen to do great it. I thought, NOW it's time to tap into the world and do something else, and I set my sights on music.

Let’s just circle back to the music side of things, there’s an arc in your story where you turned the groundswell of opinion completely. You started to achieve genuine success and praise for the stuff that you were doing, that must have been a re-affirming moment to know that you had essentially won the entire music industry over?

I'll have to disagree with you slightly. I got genuine success out the gate. I think at the time people weren't used to seeing like you said.... an over the top goddess like myself. And people don't like change. When I first came in the industry, no one was flaunting their sexy like I was. And if they did, it wasn't in the way that I did it and they got chewed up and spit out. Just look at how Brittany Knox was treated when she first came in, she lacked the confidence. I came in with such uber confidence and didn't give a fuck, still don't give a fuck what people have to say.

When I had first came in, people were thrown off cause they weren't use to it. When people realized I wasn't going anywhere, the ones who secretly admired what I was doing but felt more comfortable supporting hate parade started to show their true colors and real love and admiration. I didn't know that moment was ever going to come, and I really didn't care if it did. I just knew that I was loving everything that I was doing and I was reaching people who did actually genuinely and proudly fuck with me and worked with some of the best producers and artists that the industry has to offer. My Suzie Nation held it down from the start and over time that has grown by the millions and yeah, I definitely have won many people over, over the years.

You have a stature now as a pop icon of recent memory, your most recent single “Bad Behaviour” instantly became a smash, debuting at number one and receiving positive responses across the board. It feels like the dawning of a brand new era, how excited are you about this next period of music that you have inevitably coming?

It's been a while Ash. A fucking while. So this next period of music from me is my most exciting, my absolute best work yet. Me becoming a mother actually gave me even more confidence then I had before to get the fuck out there and represent. Not only as a fuck you to the people who believe that mothers need to settle down and tone it back because they're a mother. Fuck that. It doesn't make you any less of an amazing mother. Because I know I'm an amazing mother whether I sing about sex or cock, or whatever it is what I want to sing or make music about. I'm all about expressing myself and going against the grain and returning with Bad Behavior was a staple just for that. Pussy empowerment. Empower your pussy whenever you want. At whatever age you want, don't matter if you're a wife or a mother, a father or a son. Express yourself. So this new period for me is all about expression, sexual expression, sexual identity and coming to one with your inner cunt and not giving a shit what anyone has to say about it.

And at the end of the day, this next chapter will just be another piece of your legacy, after everything you’ve gone through to get to this point in your music career and I know there’s a long way to go yet, but what would you like your lasting impact be known for?

The inevitable Princess of Pop. No one has done it like me. The true icons in music all represent something different and can say no one has done it like them, and have carved a lane for themselves. I've has done just that and will continue. I'm gonna be the girl that made the girls and boys who were too afraid to show their inner sexy to the world feel like it's okay. Because it fucking is. And my impact will be impacted MY way. I don't need to follow suite. I'm not for the faint hearted, and that's okay.

You’ve certainly done things in your own unique way and never made any apologies for it, even influencing a new generation to step out of the safety zone and risk being risqué. You’ve fully embraced the public attention and haven’t been one to shy away from it, even when it was it it’s most difficult, how do you continue to push through those tough moments and deal with the constant noise that will always surround you?

I think the noise surrounding me has always worked to my benefit. Luckily for me. Artists get noise surrounded by them and they just can't shake it. I think what I've done well it use the noise to my advantage and it's come to the point where the noise just adds to the mystique that is Suzie. I think there's a fascination with it, and it's really worked and made people love me for me, and the music I put out really just backs me up. 10 years ago my answer would've been different but I'm seasoned, I'm a main course now. The noise...there's always going to be noise.

Obviously there’s one aspect of your entire makeup that needs to be addressed. You will surely go down as one of the most overtly sexual artists to grace the music industry. You’ve made decisions that some would consider reckless and risky and you’ve said things that many would shy away from. Part of your image is that sexuality that you exude in everything that you do, it courses through the music. Do you think there will ever be a time where you tone it down and strip things back?

Maybe when I'm like 60? I'm a wild spirit. But who knows, I've always been a sexual being. I love sex. I love sexy. If the people really want it and if I feel the need to go there one day then I don't see why I wouldn't go there. But it's going to be on my terms. People are eating me up right now and I love it. It's 2021. People want sex. I want to express my sexy, I'm not really thinking about toning anything down. But strip? I'm all about the stripping. I'm a crazy bitch.

Some may have considered that you’d perhaps become slightly more reserved in becoming a parent for the first time, but you’ve seemingly just stepped things up even further with the aesthetic and general tone of this new chapter. Do you think parenthood will change you in terms of your, pardon the pun, “Bad Behavior”?

I think parenthood has actually made me feel more empowered to turn up the heat. Mother hood made me feel like I need to prove to myself that mother wouldn't change who I am as a sexual being, it's actually made me feel more sexy. For me to be a mother, to a beautiful baby girl and still be this sexy? It's fucking wild, all the while ensuring that my daughter has an even better upbringing than I did growing up is a mission it itself. But like I said, it's the pussy power. The amount of things woman can do is endless and here I am being a bomb ass sexy mom, wife and icon. Multifaceted is an understatement.

We’ve obviously seen the success of your comeback single “Bad Behavior”, likely to be followed up pretty soon I’m sure. What can we expect from the next single?

My next single is called "Somebody". This song right here, fucking crack. With Bad Behavior and the remix sort of being the only other new offerings from the next album, Somebody will give people more of an idea of the sound and another layer to Dirty Pop. Somebody has this sound that you don't hear from anyone else, just as Bad Behavior did. It's very Suzie but will also offer a sound you haven't heard from me before. I can't say too much, but my Suzie Nation will be very happy.

And of course you recently shared the artwork and Tracklisting of your upcoming album “Dirty Pop” which kind of says all you need to know, it’s an album title that does the promotion for you. But finally, in your own words, what can we expect from “Dirty Pop”?

My absolute best work. This album allowed me to really experiment with a lot of unknown underground U.K producers and really just create a body of work that allows me to express myself with my very own sound, that kind taps in and out of what 'is' considered mainstream pop music. That's what's so special about the upcoming album. Aside from that, we got in the studio and really just had fun. This was so much fun to record because I was able to play around and find exactly what I'm good at and play up to my strengths as a recording artist. Back in the day, I would get in the studio and sing songs producers made for me based off of what they think I would sound good on and how I should sound on it. Not this time. This time I took full control and these producers and I really played up to my strengths and really tapped into something different. I'm doing things on this album that I'm not good....but great at. Dirty Pop really doesn't sound like anything that you currently hear from other pop artists and it's not very conventional, not only in it's sound but also in it's content. The album is Dirty Pop, it sounds...like Dirty Pop. It's very unique and it's sexy and after listening to the album you'll come out of feeling very fucking liberated.

Alright, it’s been fantastic speaking with you today, looking forward to the new stuff and best of luck with the family and the upcoming releases, I’m sure you’re going to absolutely crush every aspect of your life in this coming chapter. Thanks once more, Suzie!

It's been a fucking hoot, this interview with you Ashford. You're a fucking rockstar. Thanks babes, it's been real. I better see you at the Dirty Pop release party!
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Billy: "I'm an amazing mother whether I sing about sex or cock"...yeah, pretty much sums up why I love Suzie. There's no expiration date on owning and expressing your sexuality and basic human nature. Speaking of, on top of Ashford being an amazing interviewer who certainly knows his stuff, I'd very much like to suck his cock while the remix of 'Bad Behavior' plays. That silver daddy thing...rowrz. Anyyyyway, a fucking marvellous interview. Honest, unapologetic and liberating. I have mad respect for Suzie.

OOC: A brilliant read! I love these conversations. Really taps into the psyche and background of our characters, showcasing multiple layers of our creation. This was an excellent interview. Suzie made for a great interviewee. Great work both of you!



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OOC: Thank you sooooo much for putting together such a great interview. I really enjoyed tapping into Suzie and doing this! After reading through what we created, I really feel as if there is more insight into exactly who the character behind Suzie is and her own very interesting thought process. You really included really thought out questions that really pushed me to come up with answers only Suzie would respond with. This was fun. :)


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erich: show of hands,who thought suzie would be around ten years later? i know i sure didnt. but here we are in the year our lord,2021. we have a suzie but we dont have an osama bin laden. is this coincidence? i doubt it. now what if they switched places? would suzie be a better terrorist than bin laden would make a pop star? we will never know. i am not saying suzie killed him for this reason,but...there is motive. when you get right down to it,shouldnt parents be considered sexier than their non parent peers? how do i know you arent a virgin? do YOU have a living sex trophy? i think not.
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